You Got Served: Whitney Adams, Bottle Stock

Dine X Design | You Got Served | Whitney Adams  

Whitney is not only a blogger at Brunellos Have More Fun, she's a first class sommelier, owner of Bottle Stock (aka: the best designed wine accessories on the planet) and did we mention she took home the gold for Editor's Choice Best Wine Blog at the Saveur awards this year?

Yeah...we think she's pretty rad too.

We knew that Whitney would have a fresh take on this styling game. Where she doesn't normally pull together this type of table-scape for all the internet to see, she does have impeccable taste and a fabulous eye for she always knows how to make a bottle of wine look gorgeous. Let's see how she tackles box 002 (spoiler alert: like a champ) and talk about personal style as well as what she's currently got her eye for her own personal wine accessory collection.

You got Whitney Adams.

Box 002 | Dine X Design | You Got Served | Whitney Adams

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The Rules:

~Subject must choose and work with at least two items and one textile from the mystery box

~Location and surface area up to the discretion of the subject

~One additional textile, prop, and food/botanicals can be selected from the subject’s private collection

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Do you have a routine or game plan when it comes to styling with props for your photos?

I don't really have a routine since I shoot a lot when I'm out and about, traveling on the road or out at a tasting or restaurant. Since I don't always have total control of the environment, my main goal is to make the wine look damn sexy and to tell a story. Tasting notes don't always have to be written, they can be visual. I try to take photos that convey the energy of the moment along with my perspective and feeling of a wine.

You Got Served | Whitney Adams | Dine X Design

all behind the scenes images: Kristin Guy

What's your Serving Style? Brand new/on trend, unique vintage originals, particular colors?

To be totally honest, I don't know that I even have one! If I had to describe it, I guess I tend to stick to white and gold mixed with natural wood elements and pops of color or pattern. I keep things pretty simple. But, I also like having some special little pieces to throw in the mix that are conversation starters- a cool Spanish porron, a tiny vintage Italian ice bucket, my engraved julep cups...

You Got Served | Whitney Adams | Dine X Design

Do you have a favorite piece in your collection? What's the story behind it?

When I was on a family vacation last year in North Carolina, I visited the Stecoah Valley Arts Center with my mom. I found an absolutely beautiful maple wood bowl by a local artist. It's one of a kind and signed by the man who made it, Danny Jenkins. Sometimes, I just stand in my kitchen and stare at it.

Dine X Design | Whitney Adams Bottle Stock | You Got Served

top & bottom image: Whitney Adams

If you could get a hold of any item for your kitchen or tabletop, what do you currently have your eye on? A complete set of Zalto Universal wine glasses. I only have one and that was given to me as a gift. They are pricey! And a Soda Stream, cause homegirl is OBSESSED with sparkling water.

Dine X Design | You Got Served | Whitney Adams Bottle Stock

top image: Whitney Adams

We adore Whitney's style! Not just her photographs, but also how she takes them...always on a chair. No really, we've been in restaurants with this girl and she's been known to pop up onto the stool top with no shame and a smile. This table top has us dreaming of sea-side balconies, caprese salads, flowing kaftans and, of course,  a large bottle of rosé. Her playfulness and chic sensibility totally come through with east - Thank you for transporting us to the tranquil territory lady, I think more than a few of us needed it this week!

Keep tabs on Whitney's wine wisdom all over Los Angeles and the internet by following her on instagram and twitter.

Also keep on eye out for her brand spanking new website launching in just a couple weeks: Whitney A - which will be HQ for all things Ms. Adams...and no doubt excellence.

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"You Got Served" box 002 complete! Did you see how Adrianna of A Cozy Kitchen and Gaby of What's Gaby Cooking styled up this very same box? So much fun to see the stylish differences!

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Box 003 is currently under development (and it is going to be VERY different), as well as more prop boxes heading to Michigan and San Fransisco later this summer. Do you want to be part of the collaboration or know someone with exceptional style we should consider for future issues? Drop us a line and let it be known - we look forward to hearing from you!