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Gaby Dalkin | You Got Served | Dine X Design  

If the food blogging world had a cheerleader spirit animal it would be Gaby Dalkin. She's one feisty social butterfly - and we love her for it.

Gaby, of  What's Gaby Cooking,  is also a blogger, video host and a recipe testing machine. On our last visit she was cranking out over 5 different dishes for clients simultaneously while looking as chipper as ever (sporting her "work shoes" - a pair of Ugg Slippers) regardless of a 6:00am start time. He energy is infectious...and admirable. It's been known that she can navigate two shopping carts around Trader Joe's at once, while most likely blasting out content on her social networks without even breaking a sweat...we'd personally like to see this in action because one hand basket, let along a single cart, at TJ's on a busy afternoon is horrifying.

Let's find out what is currently on her wish list, how she approaches styling for food photography...and if we can help her with any of those leftovers.

You Got What's Gaby Cooking.

Box 002 | Dine X Design | You Got Served Gaby Dalkin

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The Rules:

~Subject must choose and work with at least two items and one textile from the mystery box

~Location and surface area up to the discretion of the subject

~One additional textile, prop, and food/botanicals can be selected from the subject’s private collection

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Do you have a routine or game plan when it comes to styling with props for your photos? Not particularly. I'm not into lavishing styled photos and neither are my readers. They want to know exactly what it's going to look like once they make the recipe which means I really want the food to shine and be the focus. Therefore I stay away from any crazy prints and instead focus on the food styling and a few key pieces from my prop closet.

 Dine X Design | You Got Served | Gaby Dalkin

What's your Serving Style? Brand new/on trend, unique vintage originals, particular colors? My serving style and dinner parties tend to be an eclectic mix of whatever I have in my prop closet. I'm a big fan of mis-matching various white plates and vintage silverware. I've also started collecting different kinds of glassware so one day I can have an entirely mismatched dinner table that looks like it was perfectly put together!

You Got Served | Whats Gaby Cooking | Dine X Design

Do you have a favorite piece in your collection? What's the story behind it? There is one blue flat plate that my mom made that I'm absolutely obsessed with! It's my dream and I can't get enough of it! Turns out, everyone else loved it too and it sold out on her Etsy store before she could send one to me. Luckily one of my best friends, Matt Armendariz, bought it so I can borrow/steal it whenever I need!

If you could get a hold of any item for your kitchen or tabletop, what do you currently have your eye on? I want an entire set of copper pots and pans :) That's not asking too much right? I think they are amazing, and they would fit perfectly in my dream kitchen.

 Dine X Design | Whats Gaby Cooking | You Got Served | Dine X Design

above image: Gaby Dalkin

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We like the casual elegance of Gaby's simple and inviting place setting, she definitely stepped out of her comfort zone with an adventurous spirit playing with multiple textures and finishes. We don't know about you, but this set up makes us want to put on a pair of our own slippers, dive into a massive bowl of her roasted red pepper dip, and watch a few episodes of scandalous reality TV together. How's Friday at 7:00 sound?

Keep tabs on Gaby's adventures around Los Angeles (and the world!) on her instagram,  check out her weekly youtube happy hour show "Domestic Partners" where there is talk about everything from party making tips to bad hair days...And if you consider avocados a food group like us, then you definitely need to check out her cookbook, Simply Avocados.

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 Is there an item in this box that you would have grabbed first?! Did you see how Adrianna of A Cozy Kitchen styled up this box last week?

Stay tuned! A final (and very fun) subject for Box 002 will be revealed next week  - and if you haven't caught up on Box 001 go check out the stylings of Joy The BakerA Kitchy Kitchen & Matchbox Kitchen