Summer Backyard Glamping With Cost Plus World Market

Glamping | Cost Plus World Market |Dine X Design If there is one goal we all have in common during the summertime, it's  finding a way to relax and get away from it all.

Nothing sounds better then spending the day (let's be real, can we have a week please!?) catching up on a stack of unread magazines while sipping on cold drinks and unplugging from all those distracting social outlets...okay maybe not instagram. We all have to share this level of relaxation we've been reaching for, right!?

There are times that busy schedules (and at time finances) leave us searching for ways to make a weekend at home (or even just one afternoon) feel like an escape to another land. In the name of summer relaxation,  we've partnered with Cost Plus World Market, to show you a stylishly simple and affordable way to set up your own backyard glamping oasis to get that time out you've been working so hard for.

Let the summertime outdoor stay-cation begin....

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This styling project was in partnership with Cost Plus World Market
creative direction & styling: Kristin Guy
photography & co-styling: Danae Horst
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Glamping | World Market Products | Dine X Design

While putting together your luxurious, yet comfortable, hideaway - consider decor elements that might seem unusual for the outdoors. Balance is key - layering texture and color, like rugs made of different fabrics and patterns, which bring together an opulent and unusual design pairing that is not always associated with the standard patio hideaway.

The use of chambray curtains as a shade structure also mixes these aesthetics - breezy and  inviting, but definitely a chic step up from tarps or blankets. Combining stylish details (within texture, pattern, color)  with every day rugged camping basics (such as enamel dishes, metal lanterns, wood accents) is the easiest way to achieve a proper glamping setup...and when in doubt, stack on the cozy - because nothing feels more opulent than a big pile of pillows in the shade for you to lounge upon.

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world market products featured:
natural chambray saree curtains (as tenting material)  |  chinois aqua khadi tufted floor cushion  |   metal wire lantern  |  3' round seagrass matting rug  |   aberdeen rio indoor/outdoor  flooring mat   | cool multicolor herringbone napkins  | small enamel roaster (pictured below)  |   blue galvanized bucket grill (pictured below)
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Glamping Flatbread Recipe | World Market | Dine X Design

With every great escape comes  a delicious treat!

Grab a bottle of champagne and pull together this easy, yet unexpected, flat bread right on your outdoor grill.

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Grill-Roasted Vegetable & Herb Flat Bread With Cumin Carrot Purée

2 carrots (for roasted purée spread with cumin seeds)
1/2 cup chopped cauliflower
1/4 red onion
 garbanzo  beans
steamed beets
assortment of soft herbs, roughly torn: flat parsley, cilantro & mint
feta cheese and cumin seeds for topping
 urban accents vegetable rub (available at World Market)
pastorelli ultra thin crispy pizza crusts (available at World Market)
  • coat carrots, cauliflower and red onion with olive oil and 2 TBS urban accents vegetable rub
  • place carrots, cauliflower and red onions in a tin foil pouch and place on grill over medium heat cooking for 15-20 minutes
  • mash roasted carrots into a purée adding 2 TSP whole cumin seeds, spread onto pastorelli ultra thin crispy pizza crust
  • add roasted cauliflower, red onion, beets and chick peas to pizza
  • place flatbread on grill for 15-20 minutes until bottom and edges are golden
  • finish off with a sprinkle of whole cumin seeds, feta cheese and a generous topping of herbs
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Backyard Glamping | World Market | Dine X Design

We think it's pretty safe to say that an afternoon in this tented retreat would feel indulgent and lull us right into vacation mode.

Have you put together a glamp-site in your own backyard? We'd love to hear what elements you used to make it feel luxe!