Dine With Me: Clint Eastwood

Clint East Wood | Dine With Me | Dine X Design

While plotting this second installment of "Dine With Me", we wanted to create a drastic contrast from our first subject, the eclectic beauty and wildly accessorized fashion spirit animal, Iris Apfel.  We brainstormed for the perfect symbol that would epitomize rugged, dangerous and most definitely handsome... Immediately visions of a dusty wild west and a true cultural icon of masculinity appeared: Clint Eastwood.

Not only Clint Eastwood the man, but more specifically the early days of his career where he starred in a series of spaghetti westerns. For this exercise we zeroed in specifically on the cult classic film: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

Sand coated, worn leather, brown Mexican ponchos and a rocky cruel terrane...the setting and wardrobe had all the elements we were looking for to create a high contrast, desolate and rugged scene we were looking for.

With a box packed with a mix of natural materials, hearty textiles and a mammoth sized steak - we set out into the outskirts of Los Angeles and off onto a  dusty trail to create an inspired table-scape (or in this case table-less scene) based on a true American film icon.

Dine with me, Clint Eastwood...

Dine With Me Clint Eastwood | Texture | Dine X Design

Layering on multiple natural elements and textures was very important while putting together this table-scape. Tattered wood, blankets and strips of leather alongside vintage pieces of metal, glass, enamel and  even stone created a surprisingly eclectic combination of materials that could have come off as sophisticated if not sticking to a neutral color palette and matte objects.

The midday blazing sun was specifically targeted for a sepia high contrast look, however a surprise sand storm and high winds added an unexpected, yet remarkably appropriate detail that ultimately pulled in the true essence of the film's setting in a harsh, blistering desert.

Dine With Me Clint Eastwood | Centerpiece Details | Dine X Design

For the floral accents, we definitely did not want to use anything precious. Flowers and greenery were replaced with a mixture of magnolia and bottle tree seed pods as well as thistle-like Strictum Red Cones to create a bare and dry arraignment that was both architecturally interesting and created with foraged botanical elements.

Vintage antler cutlery and a rustic metal plate paired with a soft tassel tapestry and worn leather scraps, give an interesting mix of of texture and a nod to an eclectic lifestyle of living on the trail picking up pieces along the way.

Dine With Me Clint Eastwood | Wild West Inspired Table Setting | Dine X Design

Handsome, minimal yet full of personality, mystery and weary travel...this setup captures the essence of  Clint Eastwood portrayed as "BlondieThe Man With No Name". The bare and arid landscape is the perfect backdrop for the considered accessories of an outlaw searching for lost gold in the desolate west.

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Dine With Me” is a DXD Original Series and ongoing study and creative experiment on how to
translate iconic figures, concepts and ideals into a thoughtfully designed table top.
Photography &  Styling   |  Danae Horst
Styling, Copy & Creative Direction  |   Kristin Guy
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