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Whenever asked the question of how one might like to  age - the answer is most often "gracefully". The second most common answer (at least in the creative community) is:  "I want to be exactly like Iris Apfel!" Which if you've ever seen a photograph of her you would immediately understand why.

Eclectic, whimsical, full of life and color - Iris Apfel is a woman of organized chaos and playful fashion ideals. Every detail is considered with an unmatchable ability to layer it on with class. There is no question that her years spent as an interior and textile designer are playing an inspired part in each one of her ensembles.

Dine X Design | Iris Apfel | Table Detail 2

While setting out and planning for this first installment of stylized table tops inspired by iconic personalities, we knew that Iris would be an exceptional study. With so many variations of her flamboyant style, we decided to focus on her more dramatic and textured looks.

By layering traditional tapestry fabrics with lighter weight  ikat prints, we played with the delicate balance of multiple patterns and a nod to her years spent designing textiles at Old World Weavers. Pops of color, mixed metals and a combination of handmade, vintage and modern accessories lend an appreciation of an eclectic and artfully minded lifestyle, and undoubtedly  a well traveled,  beautifully collected life.

Dine X Design | Iris Apfel | Dine With Me

Floral details always seem to find their way into Iris' look - be it by way of printed fabric, embellishments on a jacket or the pattern on some of her extravagantly layered jewelry. This mix of delicate and exotic florals were chosen to specifically showcase a feeling of carefree attitude and grace, which are just a few of the reasons we are in love with this fascinating style icon.

Want to learn more about our gorgeous 92 years young muse?

Check out this bookthis short video and then prepare to be delighted.

Oh Iris Apfel, you opulent and gifted woman.

I wish you would dine with me always!


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"Dine With Me" is an ongoing study and creative experiment on how to
translate iconic figures, concepts and ideals into a thoughtfully designed table top.

Photography &  Styling   |  Danae Horst

Styling & Content Creative  |   Kristin Guy