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Instagram is a lovely place for discovery. So many talented people around the globe creating inspiring visions for us to flip through on the, hour? Yes, we're glued. When we first stumbled upon Bouffants & Broken Hearts we knew found a special treat. Illustrator and pattern maker Kendra Dandy has a carefree sense of fun and whimsy when creating her colorful lively & designs....she makes us feel like summer is not only just around the corner, but here to stay all year round.

We personally would like a few dozen yards of her work to drape around ourselves as a one of a kind kaftan, but her line of iphone cases, tees and leggings will have to satiate us while we daydream.  Once you take a peek at her delicious patterned paradise we're pretty sure you'll feel the same....aka: hearts in your eyes!

Bouffants & Broken Hearts:  Our latest crush you need to grab quick in the checkout aisle….

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Kendra Dandy Illustraitor | Dine X Design

~Name: Kendra Dandy

~Stomping Grounds: Philadelphia, PA

Philly is cool because there's lots of good music and places to go out at night! A nice way to give yourself a break when your brain gets overloaded!

~You patterns are so cheerful, we love the balance of color and playfulness of shape. How did you fall into this creative field and what's your favorite thing about your day to day creating work? Thanks! It's been a long road trying to figure out what I want to do but as soon as I realized people actually create all those pretty prints I see on fabric, clothes and home decor, I knew that was something I could get into. I love the idea of taking drawings and paintings and making them into a real item. My favorite part of creating work is simply creating. Since I'm not able to do this full time yet, making designs is what makes me happy so I can't wait to get home from work to do what I actually love.

Bouffants And Broken Hearts X P&P Brazil Tops

~Fruits and sweets seem to play reoccurring roles in your work. What is it about these food-themes that gets your creative juices pumping? Any other food-group patterns we can expect in the near future? They're just so fun! And there are infinite ways to interpret them so the creative possibilities are endless. You can play with colors, shapes and the patterns within the fruits themselves.  Aside from fruits, I like painting ice cream, cakes and pastries. They're also very colorful and lend themselves to creative possibilities.

Bouffants And Broken Hearts Instagram | Dine X Design

~How do you stay inspired and keep the work coming out of your studio fresh? Is there a particular soundtrack or type of caffeinated bevvy that keeps you on track while getting down to business? Lots of things keep me inspired. From browsing the internet to going to farmer's markets and vintage stores, there's always a source of inspiration close by. As far as music, I'm a musical scatterbrain with too much music nerdy-ness to list, but let's just say Spotify is pretty awesome. 

Kendra Dandy Pattern Maker | Dine X Design

~Whats next!? You've been killing it on some recent collaborations (we are in love with the P&P Brazil line of fruit pint tops). Are there any collaborations you're currently working on or a dream project you'd like to get started?

Recently I've been trying to recreate some of my prints on my own nails and I bought some fake nails to paint on. So at some point in the near future it would be so awesome to collaborate with a company that does printed nail wraps or decals. I pretty much like to draw on everything and my fingernails are no exception.

Bouffants And Broken Hearts Collaboration | Dine X Design

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Want to style yourself in Kendra's sugary style and fruity fashion? Check out available goods at the following online shops:

  • For everything from iphone cases to shower curtains and pillows: Society6
  • For head to toe pattern leggings, tees and button ups: Print All Over Me

Also make sure to check out Kendra's collection of on-going work, as well as collaborations and commissions on the Bouffants And Broken Hearts Website, her behind the scene process and sketchbook peeps on Instagram as well as a dose of colorful inspiration on her Pinterest boards. 

We're suddenly ready for the weekend and  needing to snag one of these tasty shirts from P&P Brazil  STAT. Talk about eye aaand body candy!