Living The Trend: Concrete Kitchen & Dining Room Design

Cement Trends For Kitchen And Dining Room | Dine X Design The concrete kitchen has been on our minds and filling up our dreams of design makeovers lately... Well,  on pinterest at least.

Maybe that's because Los Angeles was a scorching (and premature) 101 degrees this past week and all we can think about is laying on some cold cement too cool off - but really, poured concrete and the cement look are currently blazing on their own as a unique trend in many kitchen and dining rooms.

A bit utilitarian...partially industrial... this cool-toned  look could potentially come off as sterile but  it's actually also has the ability to be not only inviting, but the role as either a chic or casual room.

Here are a few of our current favorite applications.


Concrete Kitchen Islands | Dine X Design

images:  jason bax for dwell magazine  |  casa abril |  solveig grovien & annd helen lund |  jeffrey alan marks

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Poured Concrete Countertop and Island

The versatility of a cement countertop is endless. A blank canvas to take on any personal style, color, and texture - because if there is one thing a room based on concrete's additional texture to warm it up a bit.

By adding natural elements like wood and woven fabrics into the mix, the hard structure of the kitchen immediately softens with an organic look. We're a little partial to cool-tones when it comes to cement, but there is something so fabulous about the shock of yellow paired with turquoise and red to really make the kitchen a statement room.

Not ready to demo your space and roll in the cement truck? No worries! We're also loving the clean white kitchen above where the butcher block countertop is actually painted with a cement-like shade for a similar (and lighter) effect.

Cement Kitchen And Dining Room Floor Ideas | Dine X Design

images: pascal françois for rumhemma |  unknown - pinterest  |  unknown - pinterest

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The Concrete Floor

Simple and ready for you to build on the details. The concrete floor is a minimalist's dream that definitely does not steal the attention away from other design elements in the room. We want to pretend we're loft living...and really love the idea of a no-mess clean up situation.

Paired with rustic mis-matched wooden planks as either a statement wall or adjacent flooring, it's a modern cabin look that is both parts fabulous and inviting.

Too cold? Look into stains and stenciling to give the potentially drab surface some life. We are personally in love with this acid washed concrete and lace-stenciling. Talk about really softening up a hard look! Oh la laaa!

Concrete Accents For Your Kitchen | Dine X Design

images: vido nori concrete tableware  |  nud base concrete pendant light  |  tom haga concretewall™ cement-look wallpaper

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Cement-Look Accents & Accessories

Looking for a temporary dip into this trend pool? Why not accessorize with modern clean cement pieces that will add a little character to your daily life. We are in love with the nub cement pendant and have definitely bookmarked Tom Haga's concrete wallpaper for future applications.

Cement tableware!? Yup, it's a thing...and it's making us want to go to the do-it center and grab a bag of quick dry for a little DIY project....

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So many striking possibilities...which is your favorite!? Feeling a little too heavy or are you ready to pour on the cement the style?