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Tile in the kitchen might conjure up nightmares of buying one's first house and all of it's cracked beige (or mismatched mint) glory...but to some, it might symbolize a glorious discovery of mid-century perfection and important historic details. Depending on your house (or apartment) tile situation, it can be...well, impressionable.

We want to change any doubt while simultaneously continue to inspire any current flames in the matter. Laid down dramatically as a sweeping floor or piled high as a statement wall  - we've rounded up our favorite tiled looks right now that best exemplify unique kitchen tile design and dining room decor.

We don't know about you, but we're ready to lay it all down!

Where's the grout?

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Floor Tile Trends In The Kitchen | Dine X Design

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Fashionable Flooring

A common (and quite stunning) design trend in many café spaces around the world, dramatic tiled flooring has rolled out the multi-colored/ multi-patterned carpet filled with amazement for many a skeptic.  The only trick here is to know the space you're dealing with. Smaller, busier tile, might not work best for a galley kitchen or dining nook - or it might...depending on the height of those ceilings or full wall of windows (you lucky thing).

Think about playing with scale to make the most of your space and not overwhelming it with additional clutter.

Floor Tile Accents In The Kitchen | Dine X Design

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Streak of Style

Is an entire floor too spectacular (Ack, were you actually thinking garish?!) for you? We know it's a lot to commit to, especially when cemented down in a more costly and permanent way.

Why not think about your floor with the potential of highlighted features? Maybe your center island is worthy of center stage...or your outdoor patio needs all eyes facing south west - by laying just a small section (almost like a rug or runner) in a thoughtful location of the room, it will actually make some spaces sing louder and feel more balanced than other fully-tiled masterpieces.

We call this the tease of the tile....

Backsplash Tile Trends In The Kitchen | Dine X Design

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Artistic Accent

Okay, maybe floors aren't even your thing. Perhaps you have perfect hardwood, polished concrete or travertine that are making your space beyond special.

PS: We are completely and 100% envious of that!

If you're looking for a more vertical look - a bold tiled wall, especially in a kitchen, is unexpected and powerful move that's filled with character. Applied as a small accent above the stove top, in an alcove prep bar or an entire breakfast nook - you have some serious decisions ahead of you...

Like...what tile are you going to pick?!

We're personally reallllly loving the hand painted white washed blues up above - beachy, modern and whole heartedly dreamy!

Kitchen Tile Inspiration | Dine X Design

Modern Monochromatic 

Whether you're looking to add pattern and texture to your kitchen floor, a peep under your dining table or just a one-wall splash in your cooking area - tile carries a lot of personality. If you're scared by all the bold color and filigree from the inspiration above - there are plenty of neutral options.

And when we say neutral...we are by no means talking boring.

Texture can come alive in more monochromatic applications and these tile picks above (including geometric, two-tone matte and even metallic - !! - options ) can really leave an impressional (and positive) impact on your entertaining space without taking over your existing decor.

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Tiles clockwise from top: TANCREDI IGattipardi Porcelain Tile  |   FABRIZIO IGattipardi Porcelain Tile  |  AKDO Allure Collection  |  Irregular Gold Metalic Fish Scal Mosaic  |   Carolina Faded IGattipardi Porcelain Tile  |  Marrakech Design Casa in Milk/Dove  |  Tulumn, The Cement Tile Shop
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Tiles...a must lay the mortar or a definite demo? Let us know what you want lining your kitchen floors...or walls...below!