Vacation Home Kitchens: Summer Fever Edition

Vacation Home Kitchens Greece | Dine X Design Maybe it's because there's been a little bit of travel sprinkled into our agendas this past month...maybe it's that we're in denial about already starting to work on Christmas content for one of our design clients (too soon?)...but we have a serious case of summer fever.

Like school's out, don't look back because we're getting outta doge style.

In a word. It came on strong and we're not seeing it let up any time least not until September.

Vacation Home Kitchens Spain | Dine X Design

Where browsing dream vacation homes and their adorable little kitchen and outdoor dining features online might not be the best cure for our is, in a way, helping us cope with the idea of staying put and keeping patient for our next adventure.

There might not be a better way to travel than living like a local. We love staying in new small neighborhoods, getting to know the neighbors, shopping at the corner market and then  making a delicious locale-inspired meal  back in a kitchen... that's not yours.

Even though you still have to wash the are our current favorite vacation home kitchens that we wish we were standing in right now.

Vacation Home Kitchens France | Dine X Design

Flavor memories become souvenirs when we travel, and why not pair that experience with a fantastic view, a leisurely schedule and taking a time out  in a new environment that is unique and unlike any hotel could offer. Also - talk about big savings on stocking that fridge with breakfast, snacks and lunch items - riiiight?

Better check the expiration on that passport because these places are an easy one-click book away to summer fever cure-all bliss!

Vacation Home Kitchens Australia | Dine X Design

This collection of coastal dining destinations have us craving cold salads, bright tapas and a jug of ice tea. I think it's time to step away and take a walk around the block before we start printing out multiple booking confirmations and airline tickets. Oops!

Check out full details on all the vacation rentals here:
Chora Serifos, Greece  |  Tenerife, Spain  |  Corsica, France  |  Tasmania, Australia
all images via boutique homes
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