Living The Location: Ojai Style

Living The Location | Ojai Style | Dine X Design Ojai Style is effortless, chic and relaxed.

It has the ability to make found and foraged objects look like purposeful art. The colors are neutral with punches of bold color..and the light is consistently dreamy, defused and golden lit. Somehow this look is minimal while simultaneously being maximum...rooms perfectly curated with eclectic groupings of collected treasures, handmade crafts hung next to modern paintings and an endless amount of mismatched potted plants.

In a word, this decor style makes you slow down, taking notice of the details while taking a deep breath.

Here's a look at our inspiration from a weekend in Ojai and how to transition the look back into your kitchen and dining room.

Let's live the location: Ojai Style.

Ojai Style | Living The Location | Dine X Design

 all images: dinexdesign instagram

Textures & Textiles: Warm leather, organically shaped ceramics, a mix of matte & gloss, new & vintage, hand dyed fabrics, layers of wool rugs.

Botanicals & Natural Elements: Eucalyptus branches, fiddle leaf fig trees, cactus, reclaimed wood, the smell of cedar, rocks, shells or antler.

Color Palette: Warm neutrals as a base with attention grabbing pops of color in turquoise, spring green, barn door red and magenta.


Living The Trend | Ojai Style | Dine X Design

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Shopping List: Pendleton Feathers & Montpelier Rugs  |   Face Planter, The Sill  |   Black Brush Platter Bowl, Gail Garcia Dinner-Ware  |  Vintage Mexican Clay Pot, Etsy  |  Vintage Terra Cotta Pots, Etsy  |  Yarn Wrapped Horseshoe, Marley And Alfie  |  Resin Faux Antler, Etsy   |  Teak Dinnerware Set, Be Home

African Basket Plate  |   Ceramic Decanter Set, Kat & Roger  |  Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Flower  |  Large Feathers Table Runner, Coral And Tusk  | Hand Dyed Indigo Napkins, Etsy  |   Campfire Cologne Cedar Sticks, Poketo  |  Wine Tote, Apolis + Scribe  |   Paint On Wood, Hollie Martin  |  Charlotte Perriand Bar Stools, 1st Dibs

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Are you feeling at ease? We're practically in a hammock swinging under the trees!

Whether  you're ready to book a trip, or just pick up a few new accents - it's starting to feel like a carefree breezy weekend already...and we've got just the song to send you there right along with us....