Checkout Aisle: I Tradizionali Tattoo Recipes

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We can't be the only people with a scary recipe collection. And by scary we mean a mixture of magazine clippings splattered with olive oil, handwritten family classics creased and fading on note cards...heck, there's even a fax from mom in there. Yes, a'd think we would have scanned these all in by now...

What if you could pass down recipes in a more artistic way? a temporary tattoo? We are so into this ultimate combination of design and cooking -  it's basically a parade saluting the concept of dining by design. The idea of getting inked up and ready to tackle dinner in the kitchen with just a glance on the forearm sounds perfectly clutter free to us! Bonus points for showing off your arm candy with bragging rights on how delicious your meal was. Let's step in the studio and find out how this concept came about.

I Tradizionali Tattoo Recipes:  Our latest crush you need to grab quick in the checkout aisle….

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Names:  Marina Cinciripini & Sarah Richiuso

Location:  Milan

Marina you're an interior designer and Sarah you're a product designer - how did the two of you meet and how did your love of food turn into this creative partnership and project?

The idea came out from an accidental action that I did once during a preparation of home made pasta. I needed to remember all amount of ingredients without touching the laptop with my flour dirty hands, so I wrote all on my arm..immediately I thought to a temporary tattoo with nice illustrations. Last year I meet Sarah and after some months I discovered her talent in illustration, so I proposed to her to cooperate in this project for a contest. Thanks to our competences fusion we conceived I Tradizionali, that is a combination of kitchen and illustration, and graphic which a basic skill of every designers.

I Tradizionali | Recipe Tattoos | Dine X Design

Do either of you have real tattoos? If so, are any food related and part of the project's inspiration? If not...what made you decide to express this culinary vision in this particular (and temporary) medium?

We both have a tattoo, but they are not so related to the project.  We thought about temporary tattoo like a medium, thinking about our childhood when we felt so cool with a simple object...and we wanted to transfer this happiness in the importance of cooking something with your own hands. The tattoo seemed to us a new enjoyable way to diffuse recipes.

I Tradizionali | Tattoo Recipes Instagram | Dine X Design

How do you two stay inspired and keep the work coming out of your studio fresh? Is there a particular soundtrack or type of caffeinated bevvy that keeps you on track while getting down to business?

The freshness of our work maybe is influenced by the place in which we live and the people we frequent, full of inspirations, both able to give us a lot of cues and arguments to reflect. We have not particular secret "recipe" for our work, maybe it's simple our passion for this work.

Where's your favorite spot (cafe/etc) in town to take a creative break? What should we order? Cascina Cuccagna is a really good place in Milan where to go for a break, better if in spring. Is an ancient farmstead with a big garden where you can eat, drink and take the sun...they're good in cakes, especially in the carrot one.

I Tradizionali | Tattoo Recipes | Dine X Design

What's one piece of business advice you'd give to other small-scale creatives wanting to pursue projects through crowd-sourcing (such as kickstarter or Eppela)?

Trust in yourself and your idea is the first thing in a crowd funding campaign.

Whats next!? Will there be any more food-related projects that you would like to get started on together? Any dream projects or collaborations on your wish list? We're thinking about a lot of developments for "I Tradizionali", and the list for the partnerships could be infinite, like some special editions for other cookers or bloggers... Sure we would like to work in food-design field for more time.

Are you ready to get inked for your meal? We think it's a very fun interactive way to share recipes and wouldn't mind putting a few on this summer. Can't wait to see what Marina & Sarah get up to next.

Check out the I Tradizionali Tattoo Recipes online, support their creative campaign on Eppela  and be sure to check out behind the scenes on instagram, facebook and twitter.