Living The Trend: Houseplants For The Kitchen & Dining Room

Dine-X-Design-Plants-In-The-Kitchen-And-Dining-Room We're here to make an important announcement: The houseplant has ARRIVED!

Suddenly our magazines glossed with gorgeous interior design are starting to look more like a greenhouse spread than a mod haus spread...and we're loving it. From majestic fiddle leaf figs to delicate cascading maiden hair ferns, homes are embracing the outside and bringing things to life. Literally.

Where many of us have crammed and collected new trophies for our green thumb in our living and working areas, it seems for some reason we're neglecting two other important areas: The kitchen and dining room.

That's just got to change.

Here are a few of our favorite executions and inspired ideas surely to bring a little botanical bounty into anyone's cooking and entertaining space.

Above Image From The Book: Design Bloggers At Home,  Ellie Tennant 


Image Credits: The Design Files,  Flickr freunde von freunden

Who said that plants need a  clean white canvas to shine?  Splashes of color on walls, chairs and unexpected hiding places only help create a more lively environment for your plants (and you) to thrive and dine in.

Look into playing with height in both the size and positioning of your plants, unused surfaces like small window ledges and awkward sized corner spaces are ready to sprout into an indoor garden. Scale, shape and color work together in arranging greenery just as you would any precious object in your home.


Image Credits: Rue MagazineFlickrPinterest, Petra Bindel

Warning. It's been found that once you start on a potting adventure, you might develop a serious need to add...and add to your collection. We have a hard time leaving the nursery without at least a friend or two to accompany a new seedling. Mix and match by curating a selection of plant varieties and  mis-matched vessels based on the style of your kitchen. Different shaped glass containers, hand thrown pottery, eclectic vintage finds - fold accents of your personal style into your potting style.

Scared to commit to a fragile new housemate? Go straight for the succulents who thrive on neglect.


Image Credits Above:  Evan Joseph, Old Brand NewOld Chumvtwonen

Not much counter space and your shelves are living a double life as a prop house? We know how you live! There's no room but up and it's time to start hanging the life into your space.

Mounted Stag horns, lady-like ferns dangling from hanging wooden boxes or even petite flowering buds strung up in pairs  by quirky macramé planters - it's all gorgeous and sky (er, ceiling) is the limit.

However you decided to add a little green glitz to your space, there is no doubt it will instantly feel fresher, light and full of cheer!

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Are you a total crazy plant person like us? Let's celebrate together!

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