Happy Hour Cocktail: The Scotsman's Holiday

Dine X Design | Scotsman's Holiday Cocktail Recipe This time of year can be an unfortunate assault of all things kelly green and shamrock print, but let us not forget that it is also (and most importantly) the enthusiastic solute to the arrival of spring.

The days are getting longer, the breeze a little warmer and the air is intoxicating! Filled with the scent of orange blossoms & jasmine.

Whether you are celebrating the first sight of grass under your defrosting lawn, or the fact that you are driving home from work with daylight to spare - this spring-inspired botanical cocktail is the perfect way for you to tip your hat to the approaching warmer months.



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1   1/2 oz botanist gin
1/2 oz  green chartreuse
1/2 oz velvet falernum
1/4 lime (juice of 1/2 lime)
6 dashes celery shrub bitters
Shaken with ice and served in a coupe.
Best enjoyed in the lingering sunlight of these springtime longer days.


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Dine X Design | Scotsman's Holiday Spring Cocktail
Recipe created for Dine X Design Courtesy of Becca Yannone
Photos by Kristin Guy