Fashion Feast: Rose & Lavender Cotton Candy

Dine X Design | Rose Cotton Candy Recipe Inspired By Hair Trends

Cotton Candy colors are making waves...and bobs...heck even bangs these days. A hair color trend that is as delightful to see on the streets as it is to remembering past times of large fluffy cones and sticky fingers at the fairgrounds.

Style meets childlike playfulness with the high octane sugur rush included.

This style, like the candy itself, is gonna knock your everyday bobby socks off.

Above Image Credits: |top, bottom | Kristin Guy |left| CéCi Magazine's October Issue  |right| Via Bobochic Pinterest

Dine X Design | Rose And Lavender Cotton Candy Recipe

We love mixing our food with fashion at Dine X Design, and thought this haute hair trend would be the perfect opportunity to kick off a new on-going series called "Fashion Feast" where we literally translate a trend to the tasting table.

After experimenting with several pink and purple flavor options, we decided to elevate this carnaval candy with some truly sophisticated flavors: Rose and Lavender.

Result:  Both flavors are as unexpectedly delicious as they are gorgeous.

The candy is not overwhelmingly sweet  like other traditional (unidentifiable?) flavors of our youth, both rose and lavender versions have a soft bloom of herbaceous perfume and a delicate floral flavor. Mature...yet rebellious...just like some high fashion pony pink waves.

Images: |left| Ava Smith for Tush Magazine Summer 2013 by Markus Jans |right| Cotton Candy Photo & Styling Kristin Guy

Dine X Design | Lavender Cotton Candy Inspired By Current Hair Trends

Images: |top| Cotton Candy Photo & Styling  Kristin Guy |bottom|  Maison Gerard Laurent  by Patrick Kuchno

We asked friend, personal hair savior and one of Los Angeles's elite stylists Alissa Smith about her thoughts on this sugar sweet trend and how one might achieve the look at home.

Take it away girl!

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When i dyed my hair baby pink i instantly felt like a sparkly my little pony. i mean, what girl wouldn't want that? well, if you are lusting over these heavenly hues like i am, then listen up. its a look that flatters many but is dared to be worn by most. having pastel locks is like floating on a cloud with debbie harry and then being barfed on by a unicorn (ew?).  this perfectly powdery look sure gives meaning to the phrase "eye candy".  its the the kind of hair color that is tough enough for you but sweet enough to bring home to mom. i like to call it 'punk chic'. 

Want a tip on how to achieve this confectionery colored goodness? 
After shampooing your hair, add a pea size of either bright pink or purple semi permanent hair color into a blob of your conditioner, mix them together, apply either all over or just on ends, wait for 5 min, then rinse well. its such a fab way to keep up that perfectly faded out look. (ps. your hair must be naturally blonde or bleached out light enough so the color will take). c'mon, give it a whirl!!
| happy hair days, alissa smith |

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Now that you know how to get the look, let's take it to the kitchen and prep for some chic confectioneries.

Dine X Design | Rose And Lavender Extract Recipe

Image Credit: Kristin Guy

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Rose & Lavender Cotton Candy Recipe

1-2 tsp rose or lavender extract
1/2 cup granulated or flossing sugar
Edible food coloring powder (pink or purple)
Cotton Candy Machine
To Create the colored flavored sugar, in two small bowls mix desired flavor extract and granulated sugar well and let dry over night. Once dry, crush any clumps that may have formed and add in 1-2 tsp of pink or purple powdered coloring (depending on flavor choice) and add into cotton candy machine per your model's specified directions. 
Enjoy immediately! Excellence tends to deflate after 15 minutes.

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After many...many failed attempts of spinning our own homemade sugar over the stove top (sticky floors, concreate bowls of glucose-based cement, the ultimate of nightmare-ish kitchen clean up horrors), we caved and bought the most adorable cotton candy machine and are now the most popular kids on the block...if only because everyone wants a mouthful of our fashionable fluffy concoctions.

But hey! That's okay, we're always happy to share.

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So are you in the mood for a fashion feast and heading straight for the manic panic hair dye this weekend? Or are you more into trend consumption and aiming to whip up some delectable and delicate candy? OR maybe you're all in and taking hold of everything above. Regardless your stance, we want to hear about it!



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