Fashion Feast: Food Print Clothing For Spring & Summer

Food Print Clothing For Spring/Summer | Dine X Design

Leave it to a recent twirl around the Gorman shop in Melbourne a few months ago to fling cherry-shaped hearts in our eyes and a new (obsessive) life mission to fill our closets with nothing but food print clothing.

Fun, relaxed and incredibly chic - the trend seems to be catching on like wild-fire world-wide and we couldn't be happier with all the delectable options out there for us to snack, browse through.

Above:  Isolda | summer lookbook

Food Print Clothing For Spring/Summer | Dine X Design

clothing from top: MiH watermelon panelled shirt dress |  zara cucumber Print blouse and trousers   |  lazy twins go bananas skirt   |   mother of pearl lagan printed espadrilles   |   frankin silk-appliquéd cotton-canvas mini dress   |   gorman winter harvest dress  |   volcom the queso sweet hat in fruit print  |  kara printed silk midi dress


Whether you're looking for flowy in watercolor, or mega graphics full of personality - these are just a few of our current food fashion faves that (with fingers crossed) just might make it into our wardrobes this spring for summer.

From bananas to pineapples and every couture crop in-between, cuisine-centric apparel is blazing and we can't wait to wear our favorite fruits and veg on our sleeve...or pant leg for that matter.

Food Print Fabric For Spring/Summer | Dine X Design

Fabrics: tuscan pears by vivian ducas  |   robert kaufman collection "chopsticks please!" by amy biggers  |  ananas by nalo hopkinson  |   very strawberry by andrea lauren
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Looking to cover yourself in food-print on a budget? Have a crafty side in need of creative release? How about rolling up those sleeves, getting those juices flowing and making your own pretty produce line at home!?

We are all about DIY fashion, especially when it means our bodies will be covered with one of a kind masterpieces. Check out these unique fabric options and get your own fashion factory churning out style for the season!

Craft night at our place?

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How are you feeling about the food-print clothing trends? Let's just say we're totally eating it up!

Anything here making you hungry?!