Checkout Aisle: Laura Miller, Sidesaddle Kitchen Instagram

Laura Miller Side Saddle Kitchen | Dine X Design Laura Miller has one of those Instagram accounts you're thankful for.

The kind of account that brings you back to life after scrolling through 1,000 plates of food that you don't get to eat, puppies that you don't get to keep and places you wished you'd rather be.

What she's doing is simple. But HOW she's doing it is exceptional. Leave it to a girl and a trip to the farmers market to make 30-some thousand people stop and pay attention.

Part fashion...part produce. All awesome. We needed to get a little behind the scenes on this magical self-portrait project and hear from the lady herself.

Sidesaddle Kitchen's Instagram :  Our latest internet crush that you need to grab up quick in the checkout aisle....

Laura Miller Instagram | Dine X Design

Name: Laura Miller, Sidesaddle Kitchen

Stomping Grounds: Outer Sunset, San Francisco

Okay, Your instagram feed is killing it lately! Where/How/Why did you start this self-portrait series with Fruit & Veg?

Essentially, I was working from home alone and feeling really stressed and burned out. I wanted a creative outlet that could completely switch my brain in a different direction, so if I got stuck on a project (or got a nasty comment on one of my recipe videos!) I would just get up, make a kale necklace, and take a photo. It has been a really great exercise for me creatively, and has also allowed me to use all of my weird costumes and props that I've collected over the years!

 Who's been your favorite food co-star so far?

Pomegranates, hands down. I've been madly in love with them since I was six years old. My dad planted a tree in our little orchard and every fall my face and hands were permanently stained red. Right now I am also really into leafy greens - they make the best necklaces, hats, and bouffants!

 Laura Miller Sidesaddle Kitchen Instagram | Dine X Design

Where does your inspiration come from? Any tips or tricks for successful self-portraits?

I’m constantly on the lookout for new produce, weird props, or an especially bright backdrop. I am a big fan of the solid background because I usually have enough going on with whatever fruit or veg I’m wearing. I just precariously prop my phone up on whatever is there (usually on a pile of cardboard boxes, a windowsill, or a foam roller!) set the timer, and shoot.

Where's your favorite place to take a creative break - what should we order?

Trouble Coffee in the Sunset. It’s teeming with creatives and you can sit outside in the sunshine (or, more likely, the fog) and reboot. Order a coconut, then drink the juice and take the meat home to make a raw vegan chocolate pudding!

Laura Miller Behind The Scenes | Dine X Design

 What's next - can we look forward to an expansion of your video recipe series to include music video versions of this portrait side-project?!

That is a great idea! I have quite a few projects in the works right now (including some over-the-top froobs shoots!) that I am really excited about. I don’t have the details nailed down yet but I can guarantee that they will all be bright and weird and produce-centric!

Laura Miller Photo | Dine X Design

Check out more amusing photos (which seem to be updated on the daily!) over on the Sidesaddle Kitchen Instagram account - and be sure to keep tabs on Laura's website and video series as she spreads the word on all things raw. vegan...and not gross.

Good times and produce for all!