Living The Trend: Black In The Kitchen And Dining Room

Dine X Design | Black Kitchen And Dining Room Design Trends There's been a lot of talk about the freshness and bright arrival of spring, but for some reason our magazine and pinterest pages are flooded with dark and dramatic spaces this month. Maybe we're looking to add a little drama to our homes this season? Maybe it's the anticipation of all those dark cloud-filled April showers?

Regardless, we're loving this opaque color trend and how it adds a bit of unexpected sophistication in a variety of applications. Here are just a few of our favorite spaces and  inspired ideas on how to add black in the kitchen and dining room.

Our April forecast: pitch-black!

Above Image: Romain Ricard

Dine X Design | Black Accents Kitchen Dining Room

Image Source: The Style Files | La Grange InteriorsAlexander van Berge

Potentially overwhelming splashes of black paired with rustic and worn wood tables, beams or paneling create a rustic softness that lack in some modern sleek spaces.  The warmth of the wood balances the harsh accents making the space feel even more warm and inviting.

This look could easily be achieved over a weekend with a little elbow grease and a gallon of paint - mix matched chairs find order when painted the same color and shabby farm table cabinet doors get a sexy makeover with just one or two coats.

Not looking to break a sweat to achieve your new look? We feel you, a margarita sounds like a way more enjoyable weekend plan to us too. Instead, sit back and start online shopping for black stoneware, vases, rugs or even artwork  - any of these pieces will easily add the desired theatrics to your space.

Dine X Design | Black Floors Kitchen And Dining Room

Image Source: Freunde Von Freunden | Jeroen Van Der Spek | Dada Web

We've been seeing a lot of painted floors lately, especially in the kitchen. Where bright colors can be fun, the sleek shadows of an all-black floor instantly give the space a luxurious vibe.

We're especially loving the idea of hanging one (or three!) large midnight pendants above a dining table or island along with the painted floor -  did you see those beauts with the gold details up top?!  Gor-geous!

Okay, clearly we are Onyx...OBSESSED.

Dine X Design Black Accents In The Kitchen And Dining Room

Image Source: Frederic Berthier Architecture | Elle DecorEmmas

All this darkness making you feel scared? Heavy? We hope not, but there are lighter, less dramatic ways to add black in the kitchen and dining room. How about we go the more traditional approach: black and white.  In fact, this color combo is such a classic that it will never go out of style as long as you keep balance and clean lines.

We are personally gaga for the black backsplash - matte, mini subway tiles are really getting into our hearts these days.

What about you - Love it or leave it?! Do you already have a paint brush in hand...or are you still feeling the pastel kitchen trends from last week? Tell us about it!

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Looking to translate this trend into your food and table top styling? Maybe you want to pile on the excitement and style dark trends in your dark new dining room?

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