Styling The Trend: Dark & Dramatic Palettes

Dine X Design | Styling Trend Dark and Dramatic Hello fellas! It's Gab from The Artful Desperado. Oh boy, do I have a goodie for you today! Have you been gawking at dark and moody food photos lately? They have been slowly but surely popping all over Pinterest.

It's no surprise all fields of creativity influence each other and end up overlapping at some point; fashion, design, interiors, food - they all are loving this wintery darkness. To be honest, this is one of my favorite trends! Black makes everything look super sleek and elegant, especially food and table top design.

If you want to bring this look to your table you don't need to break the bank and fly to some Scandinavian country to find all the trinkets you need. In fact, this trend is more about being clever than spending all of you mad cheddar. Here's how you can "get the look".

Dine X Design | Styling Trend Dark And Dramatic 2

1. Start with a dark canvas: get a plain black table cloth (Ikea anyone?)

2. Build the base: chargers, placemats, and cloth napkins in similar hues. Most department stores carry plain colours and more often than not, these are cheaper than others with intricate designs and patterns.

Dine X Design | Styling Trend Dark And Dramatic 3

3. Add some contrast: Use white dinnerware (again, Ikea has some super affordable options, which you can even order online, also check craigslist!) or go for some metallic cutlery (West Elm for the win!).

4. Final touches: it's all in the details! Add a few key items around the table like antique spoons, old trays, and dry floral arrangements.

Dine X Design | Styling Trend Dark And Dramatic 4

Enjoy this zen-like trend while it lasts and embrace the darkness 'cause as soon as the sun comes out we'll get busy with lots and lots of colour.

'Til next time!

Gab from The Artful Desperado


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