Living The Trend: Yellow Kitchen And Dining Room Accents

Yellow Kitchen And Dining Room Accents Maybe we're just being courted by the golden hazy rays of the Southern California sun, or maybe it's just the overall sensation of glee that summer is in full blissful swing...but we're seeing yellow. Everywhere.

In fact, The Gold Medallion Trees have been overflowing with yellow blooms these past few weeks, leaving delicate and cheerful piles of petal confetti all over  the streets...and we down right want to roll in them.

Yellow accents have also been popping up in many of our home & garden publications proving it a color of the moment and to solute these sunny afternoons filled with this joyful hue, we've rounded up a few of our favorite yellow kitchen and dining room accents that are keeping our spirits at an all time gilded high.

Put those sunnies on, it's about to get bright!

 above image: elisabeth aarhus

Yellow Kitchen Backsplashes And Cupboards | Dine X Design

images: a beautiful mess |  design files  | hanna konola

Light Board

This look is not for the faint of heart. If you love, live and breathe yellow - covering large spaces is the bold yet delightful decision for you. The sun never sets when old run down cupboard doors are brought back to life with a coating of  charm. Even a boastful backslash allows the other details of the room pop off the walls. But simplicity is key, when using a color like this in a large application, keeping lines clean and other colors tame is the best plan of action. Think of it as Pharrell's "Happy" on visual repeat and there are no other songs on your playlist - smile!


Yellow Kitchen Floors | Dine X Design

images: damino |  sadshem

Flashy Floors

If you're ready to really put the personality into your kitchen or dining room, yellow floors will do that in 2 coats or less. It's amazing how this color can look retro or modern depending on the space, but either way it's a peppy elegance that really lifts up those floorboards! It's like dancing on a sunset.

Yellow Accents In The Kitchen | Dine X Deisgn

 images: jansjeJFK |  a stylist's life  |  the design files

Dappled Light

Feeling overwhelmed and headed to the shade? Don't turn your back completely on this punchy pigment! Add awe to your space with just a splattering of color. Industrial pendant lights become more friendly, dining tables accented with canary tableware stay fresh regardless of the season...even a powerfully colored pot placed on shelving or stations on the stove will have the ability to shine strong with sunny impact. We're loving the idea of a few pieces of perfectly hung artwork and a complimentary tea towel showcasing this spectrum with casual ease.

Yellow Dining Room Chairs | Dine X Design

images:  studio pepe |  casa vougea beautiful mess

A Sunny Seat

When all else fails, or you in a rental denying you or your painting freedoms, a yellow chair really makes a zippy pop. On a budget? Painting a grouping of miss-matched chairs the same color, you bring a focused look to your dining room table. Or just get one fabulous statement chair for the kitchen island and call it one well thought detail for the day. 

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How are we feeling about yellow? Are you writing it a love letter or closing the shades on its brightness? Let it be known below.