DIY: Terrazzo Party Skewers & Cocktail Picks


Let's face it. Most BBQ and cocktail skewers are...well, boring. This summer we're taking matters into our own hands and serving up some serious style (like we do) with DIY terrazzo inspired party picks..that can be easily converted into both appetizer grilling sticks or cocktail accessories!


These are super easy to make with supplies from your local craft store and easy to adapt to any tabletop trend you're feeling (terrazzo, marble, gem tones etc)  - needless to say we're not breaking the budget to add a pop of trendy tidbits to our outdoor entertaining game. 


- DIY: Terrazzo Inspired Party Skewers & Cocktail Picks -




Using the metal scissors, snip off the wooden handle from the BBQ skewer. For appetizer or dessert party skewers keep as much length as possible, for cocktail picks cut metal down to approx. 4 1/2 inches.

Roll out your main color of polymer clay to 1/4 inch with a small craft roller, chip off multi colored clay chips with an x-acto knife and spread to your liking. Once in place, roll a few more times over carefully to level all colors into a singular layer.


If adding wooden beads into the mix, make sure to measure appropriately so clay tube or bead is located in the appropriate part of the skewer, as it will likely bake into place. Slide clay pieces onto skewer and bake at your brands specified temperature and time (do not place wooden beads into the oven). Once clay has baked, allow to cool and adhere wooden beads with a glue gun. If clay seems a little loose a dot of hot glue will get you locked back into place.

Bake to your clay to packaging  specifications (Typically 275f for 30 minutes)



Please note these skewers are for serving only, not for cooking food. Do not place them directly into an oven, microwave or BBQ once they are finished. Hand wash only. Oh...and have fun!


Sound like a good weekend DIY!? Let's go!