Brunch Timing: The Ultimate Avocado Toast

Dine X Design | The Ultimate Avocado Toast Recipe I know what you're thinking. It's just toast with avocado...nothing ground breaking here.

But let me tell you, The Australians are up to something. Something delicious and experimental in the world of avocado smash.

I've just returned from a whirl-wind adventure exploring the food culture of Melbourne Australia - with many delicious and inspiring stories to share over the coming weeks - as well as a bigger heart for both the city and their café culture.

Specifically their breakfast café culture...can someone express air-mail me a proper white flat please?

Dine X Design | Highlights The Great Ocean Road 2

I explored and tested many avocado toasts on this tour, one of note being a bright red bean tomato compote number served up at The Wye General Store. Which is the most unexpected of gourmet food markets and cafés you'll fall upon while driving the Great Ocean Road. This small, unassuming tin-roofed establishment is serving up award winning food with an awesome selection of take away treats (hello chicken and balsamic flavored chips) to keep you fueled on the rest of your coastal journey.

How many ways can you conjure up delectable toast with avocado? I promise you'd be surprised by the variations out there. Brilliant, simple and fresh. My favorite? The Ultimate!? Avocado Toast with quinoa tabbouleh and chili oil. AKA: The life changer of toasts.

If there is an open position available to create The Ultimate Australian Avocado Toast Tour, I am formally submitting myself for consideration.

In the  mean time, I think I'm going to make another batch of this handsome heap...

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The Ultimate Avocado Toast - With Quinoa Tabbouleh & Chili Oil
 Serves 4
3 Large  Avocados
1/2 cup cooked quinoa
6 cherry tomatoes finely chopped
1 ear of sweet corn, grilled and removed from cob 1/2 cup mixture of  mint, basil, dill & parsley finely chopped
juice of 1/2 lemon
sprinkle of goat cheese & chili infused olive oil
rustic loaf of bread, cut thick and slightly toasted
Mash small amount of ripe avocados directly on toast, mash the remainder of avocados in quinoa tabbouleh and spread handsomely over rustic toast


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Dine X Design | Ultimate Avocado Recipe

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This experience was made possible by the kind folks at Tourism Australia & Go Mighty.

I am forever grateful for their resources and the opportunity allowing me to explore Victoria's Coast.

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