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When we discovered  Studio Fludd and their duo of Gelatology books, we knew it was love at first sight. Who else could beautifully create deliciously geometric and colorful  art to the tune of Geology: the Charles Lyell's "Principles of Geology - an 1830 text study. Not many, that's for sure...and not many could make potentially laborious information look outrageously awesome.

Inspired by the alchemical ancestor Robert Fludd, this creative collective attacks projects by manipulating matter and ideas into illustrations, dimensional objects and even events. Their colors are bold, their work feels alive and the ideologies prove thought provoking.

If the idea of deconstructing ice cream in a cone while  living a creative life among the canals of Venice, Italy sounds appealing to you - read on! We take a moment to talk with the studio and hear about their process, where the ideas of gelato as an art form and study started from and learn about a few cafes to bookmark for the next time we're abroad.

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Studio Fludd: Matteo Baratto, Caterina Gabelli, Sara Maragotto, Valeria Sanguin.

Location: Venice, Italy

Studio Fludd | Gelatology Books | Dine X Design

Your Gelatology books are gorgeous and an inspiring studio  of color and texture! What came first...the love for gelato, or geometry? Are there any other foods you think a similar creative excavation will stem a new series?

The starting point has been the research on visual and conceptual analogies between two very different worlds, in this case the scientific representations of Earth composition and ice-cream in all it's possible shapes and flavours. This comparison sets a contrast between a rigid geometrical structure and a soft variable matter, which is the base of many other of our projects.

Ah ah - not sure about a 'new series',  but you make me think that pizza could be a good model for textile patterns and the study of random textures…

Studio Fludd | GELATOLOGY | Dine X Design

It's amazing how you've been able to bring this Gelatology concept to life through events and workshops. What is the thought behind bringing something so mythical and visual into a tangible and interactive space?

The interactive dimension has been always latent and faint in our works. We can say that the banquet and the workshop have been the natural evolution of the Gelatology project - collective and inclusive from the beginning - also following the occasions that came out at that moment.

Studio Fludd | Gelatology Events | Dine X Design

Where's the best gelato you've ever eaten? What flavor was it?

Too difficult. I personally judge the mastery of an ice-cream maker from the flavour coffee, or liquorice.

How does the studio stay inspired and keep the work coming out of your studio fresh? Is there a particular soundtrack or type of caffeinated bevvy that keeps you on track while getting down to business?

Mhh, not really - unfortunately. At the moment we work in a sort of pretty dark bunker, that separates us from the distracting sunshine sparkle on the canals - but we go out some times a day to get a quick espresso or a gelato stop.

Studio Fludd | Slow Wood | Dine X Design

Food seems to be a common theme in your work - "Slow Wood", for example, is a very interesting three dimensional study of the sandwich. Where do these concepts come from? 

It's born really quickly and spontaneous for a little exhibition about design for food, some time ago. Slow Wood is the re-interpretation of a quite traditional toy with a twist. For what we tested, it works with kids of very different ages at different levels of interaction.

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Speaking of eating, Where's your favorite spot in town to take a creative break? What should we order?

Right round the corner, two place that keep the venetian spirit alive - la Rivetta (soft boiled eggs, little panini and a lot of colourful local atmosphere - here it's forbidden to put your laptop on the table between noon and 3 p.m.)

Bacareto da Lele (always crowded because of its high quality and cheap 'paninetti' and wine) - you can spend all the day at these spots.

In general, cicheti (little tapas) are a must in town or we suggest to go to Tonolo and grab a bigné or a frittella (during the Carnival period, you can smell it) to recharge your energy.

Studio Fludd Interview | Dine X Design

Whats next!? Will there be any more food-related projects that you would like to get started on together? Any dream projects or collaborations on your wish list?  So many. It is a period of transformation, so we really don't know what is coming next. But sure, we'd like to work with a talented chef with quality and innovative visions on food for a visual identity - from graphic design to illustration to space decoration and events.

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Be sure to check out The Studio Fludd Website & Online Shop as well as behind the scenes and events happening on their blog, twitter & facebook.