Popsicle Week: Smoked Tomato Michelada Popsicle Cocktail

Smoked Tomato Michelada Popsicle Cocktail There's something about spending an afternoon riding beach cruisers that makes us thirsty...for beer.

Where cervezas aren't always first on our brunch or happy hour menus, there is no denying those yeasty bubbles and crisp refreshment that only  a frosty pint can soothe on a hot seaside day.

Inspired by a recent getaway on the sandy stretches of San Diego we've put together a Michelada unlike any other - it's smoked, full of spice...and it involves popsicles.

Smoked Tomato Michelada Pop Cocktail

Full disclosure: this probably is not a popsicle we'd recommend eating on it's own.

We are definitely fans of smoked tomato sorbets when used in the appropriate application (we're looking at you Movida), but this popsicle was created with the full intention of being diluted in a large mug of beer. It's packed with powerful slow smoked heirloom tomatoes, two kinds of hot sauce (because hot sauce is San Diego's love language), jalapeño slices, fresh lime juice and if that wasn't intense enough, we've dipped them in a coarse cracked pepper and a dusting of cayenne heat.

In a word, you need that beer to calm this savory sassy'cle.

Let's get into this and onto our weekend....

Smoked Tomatoe Michelada Popsicle Cocktail | Dine X Design

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Popsicle Week: Smoked Tomato Michelada Pop 
Makes 8 Pops/ Beer Cocktails 
Popsicle Ingredients
  • 3 large heirloom tomatoes 
  • 3 limes, juiced
  • 1 TBSP Cholula Hot Sauce
  • 1 TBSP Tapatio Hot Sauce
  • 1 TSP Celery Salt
  • 16-20 Jalapeño slices
Popsicle Directions
  • Smoke tomatoes for 1 hour on using a BBQ smoker kit & hickory chips
  • Once tomatoes cool, extract juice through a cheese cloth or mesh strainer in a bow
  • Discard skins and pulp
  • In a bowl, add and stir  lime juice, hot sauce and celery salt with fresh cracked pepper
  • Add mixture to popsicle molds and place thin jalapeño slices on the sides
  • Freeze over night

Serving Directions

  • Release pops from mold and dip into a mixture of course cracked black pepper and cayenne pepper
  • Pour Mexican Beer of choice into a large mug, add a squeeze a fresh lime and let that pop go for a dip and  dissolve

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Smoked Tomato Michelada Pop Cocktail Recipe | Dine X Design

Whooo! That is a surprising smack on the lips. Are you ready to take a smoked and spicy plunge this weekend? We are thinking this might be a new summer staple and there are still 4 more in our our cooler.

Just let us know when to expect you stopping by....

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