Dramatic Holiday Floral Arrangement Inspiration

Dine X Design | Danae Horst | Dramatic Holiday Floral Design 'Tis the season to do something different and daring with  your table top. Where crimson and evergreen are classic color staples for seasonal decor, we challenged stylist Danae Horst to move away from the expected and create something architecturally dramatic in a winter white and green palette...that also didn't break the bank.

Using a brass vessel scored from the thrift store and a selection unique botanicals, the results are a spectacularly stunning statement piece unlike any holiday arrangement we've had the pleasure of hosting at our holiday table....that costs far less than any purchased bouquet at your local grocery store (we barely broke past $20).

Danae Horst | Dramatic Holiday Floral Design | Botanical Tool Kit | Dine X Design

Botanicals Used

Silver Bells Eucalyptus Pods   ||  Anemones  ||  Privet Berries   ||   Norfolk Island Pine

Botanical Substitution Ideas: 

White Blooms -  Dahlias, Carnations, Mums, or Ranunculus  

Berry Branches -  Juniper, Foraged Neighborhood Pods and Vines  

Long Evergreens - Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Branches, Long Needle Pine, Veronica

Holiday Florals | Drama | Dine X Design

Danae proves that even with just a few elements, a dramatic holiday floral arrangement can easily be the star of a winter table. Check out her tips to get inspired and create your own dramatic holiday floral arrangement:

1. Start with a color palette in mind- this will help you choose blooms and other elements. We picked wintry whites with pops of deep purples and evergreen accents.

2. Decide on your foundation flower and then choose complimentary elements that will add structure and texture. As soon as I saw these white anemones, I knew they would steal the show, so I created the arrangement around them, adding the privet for color and texture and the unusual evergreens for structure.

3. Choose a vessel that suits the arrangement you're envisioning. This footed brass vase was a good height, without being too tall, and wide-mouthed enough to allow for a more rambling, wild, shape to the arrangement.

4. When clipping the stems, start with a length a little longer than you think you need- you can always go shorter, but a stem that's too short will be tricky to work with.

5. Begin with sturdy stems that will anchor the arrangement- in this arrangement, the privet was placed first to take advantage of the woody stems.

6. Add your foundation flower- here, the anemones- placing the blooms in places that keep the eye moving across the arrangement. Working with odd numbers is usually best, grouping blooms by threes, or even singly, in several places.

7. Fill in holes, add height, or create more movement with structural stems like the evergreens. Asymmetry will result in a wilder looking arrangement like ours, while symmetrical lines will result in a more formal, traditional looking arrangement.

8. Look at your arrangement from a few different angles, paying special attention to the angle that it will most likely be viewed from. Reposition any stems as needed.

 Dine X Design | Danae Horst | Dramatic Holiday Florals | Dine X Design


A few more tips to keep your floral arrangement looking fresh:

  • Always cut stems with sharp floral/garden clippers or a sharp knife. Dull blades will crush the stem, preventing it from drawing water in, which will cause it to wilt quickly.
  • Trim any leaves or blooms that will be below the water line when you fill the vessel. Leaves decay in the water, creating bacteria and causing wilting.
  • Change the water frequently, this will help prevent bacteria from growing.
  • If blooms start to wilt, try clipping their stems again, this can sometimes cause them to perk up.


Creative Direction: Kristin Guy
Floral Styling & Photography: Danae Horst