Cardamom Cappuccino Spritz Cocktail

03_cardamom cappuccino cocktail

03_cardamom cappuccino cocktail

Summer is in full swing and where autumn is slightly in sight, we're still holding on to these warm lit evenings and trying to cram as many patio hangs in as possible... I mean, Labor day is still weeks away so let's hold onto and stretch out this summer entertaining as loooong as possible. Deal?

I've been very into making my own bitters and syrups lately, which allows your cocktail game to get pretty creative. Who needs to rely on what's readily available at the store when we can play with new exciting cardamom and cappuccino? And I'm not talking about shaking up espresso martinis here! No sir, that concoction can stay at the club (do they still serve those at clubs..I don't know) I'm talking about making something thoughtful, elegant and light ... a cocktail perfect for warm summer evening gatherings...that will impress your friends to boot!

Cardamom and espresso are fast friends in the flavor department and this simple syrup is just that...incredibly simple to make! But that's not to say that the taste isn't incredibly complex...and quite dreamy when turned into a bourbon spritz!

02_cardamom cappuccino Cocktail

02_cardamom cappuccino Cocktail

Cardamom Cappuccino Spritz 

Cardamom Cappuccino Simple Syrup Ingredients

1 cup refined sugar

1 cup water

4-6 green cardamom pods

1 TBS Hills Brothers Classic Cappuccino powder


In a saucepan bring water and sugar to a boil, reduce heat to medium low and stir until sugar dissolves. Keep on low and add a cheese cloth (or small tea infuser) filled with cardamom pods and cappuccino powder, allow to simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and strain out any solids before allowing to cool in a sterilized container. You can store this syrup for up to 3 weeks in a cool dry place.

01_cardamom cappuccino sytrup prep | Dine X Design

01_cardamom cappuccino sytrup prep | Dine X Design

Cocktail Ingredients

2 oz Bourbon

1 oz Green Cardamom & Cappuccino infused simple syrup

½ oz Rose Syrup (Optional)

Splash of Tonic Water

Edible Flowers (for ice cubes)

Cocktail Directions

The night before, add distilled water to ice cube tray, placing edible flowers in each. Check back after 30 minutes to adjust flowers as needed. Allow to freeze overnight. Add bourbon and infused simple syrups into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain over floral ice cubes in a tall glass. Top with tonic or soda water. (Can also be served straight up in a coup (without tonic water or ice cubes) for a more formal cocktail - simple garnish with edible flowers and enjoy.

06_cardamom cappuccino floral ice | Dine X Design

06_cardamom cappuccino floral ice | Dine X Design

Cardamom & Cappuccino can sometimes be overwhelming flavors, dare I say intimidating to incorporate into something so delicate - but not in this cocktail. There is a slight hint of creamy and spiced flavor with each sip, but it's also incredibly refreshing with its crisp effervescence and unique flavors that will have you shaking up seconds. 

Don't forget the details - infuse your cocktail with design as exquisite as it's taste. Try freezing ice cubes with edible flowers for a fun punch of color and tying a sprig to a copper straw for an extra flair...which also delivers a nice aromatic touch with each sip!

Cocktails are meant to be playful, especially when gathering friends on a warm evening. So play up the style...and definitely play up this syrup because you've just won at summer sips!

Cheers friends - can't wait to see you whip this up!

09_Cardamom cappuccino cocktail

09_Cardamom cappuccino cocktail

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