Valentines Pavlova With Raspberry Rose Cream & Passion Fruit

Valentines Pavlova With Raspberry Rose Cream | Dine X Design

Valentines Pavlova With Raspberry Rose Cream | Dine X Design

The first time I was introduced to a pavlova was six years ago while visiting friends for Christmas in Melbourne. It was unlike any meringue dessert I've ever had - fluffy yet crisp, candied but not overly sweet. Most impressive was the way it was dressed in a mix of colorful tart fruits and flowers, drizzled with passion fruit and flaked with dark chocolate. It was a delicate show stopper perfect to enjoy after a big celebratory holiday meal.

I also loved learning how every Aussie family claims to have the best recipe and topping combination, taking great pride in making these (sometimes massive) mounds of fluff and presenting to the family table. It truly is a labor of love which makes for a perfect treat to also share on Valentines Day.

Dine X Design | Valentines Pavlova

Dine X Design | Valentines Pavlova

This Valentines Day, I'm recreating that same passion fruit and chocolate Pavlova but adding in an additional layer of raspberry cream laced with rose syrup. Together the tart and floral notes create a complexity that changes with each bite - plus this double decker version kinda turns into a pavlova cream sandwich which I'm pretty sure no one would turn away.

In addition to pretty treats, I'm also taking a quiet and focused approach to show people I care this Valentines Day. I want to be mindful of the moment and spend more time IRL with those I care about.We're so easily distracted these day, with messages and alerts popping up on our phones, it's easy to be half present. So when JORD sent me a gorgeous wooden watch as a Valentines gift, I knew that was a sign for me to really put my phone away and go analog (while staying on time) to spend quality moments with friends and family (Also, how did they know about my obsession with wooden and gold accessories!?).

So in the name of sharing AND caring - let's both whip up this easy valentines pavlova, turn off our phones and have a real deal uninterrupted get together with the people/person you care about...

Valentines Day Pavlova Recipe | Dine X Deesign

Valentines Day Pavlova Recipe | Dine X Deesign

Valentines Pavlova

With Raspberry Rose Cream & Passion Fruit

Recipe makes 3 double layered 4 inch pavlovas, or 6 mini single layered pavs

Pavlova Ingredients

4 egg whites, room temperature 

1 cup fine white sugar

3 tsp arrowroot (can substitute with corn starch)

1 tsp white wine vinegar 

Suggested Toppings: Passion Fruit, crushed pistachios, blueberries, shaved chocolate, rose petals

Raspberry Rose Cream Ingredients

1 cup heavy whipping cream

3 tsp

rose syrup

3-4 heaping TBS maserated raspberries

Valentines Pavlova Toppings | Dine X Design

Valentines Pavlova Toppings | Dine X Design


Preheat oven to 300F. Prepare baking sheet with a piece of parchment paper. On the underside of paper trace, using bowl of your size preference, the outline of a bowl to use as guide. Add egg whites to a stand mixer, using the whisk attachment blend on high until soft peaks form. Slowly add sugar and continue to mix until glossy. Sift in arrowroot and vinegar.

Using an icing paddle or knife, build fluffy mounds within the shape of your drawn circles. Place pavlovas into the oven, immediately reducing heat to 250. Bake for 1 hour and then turn oven off, allow Pavlovas to cool inside.

Place stand mixing bowl and whisk in the freezer to cool for at least 20 minutes. Once cooled, add heavy cream and rose syrup and beat on high until peaks form. Carefully fold in macerated raspberries. Store in refrigerator until ready to assemble.

Pavlova Prep | Dine X Design

Pavlova Prep | Dine X Design


For double decker pavlovas. Top the bottom layer with cream and a spoonful of additional maserated raspberries, placing the second layer on top. Dress your Pav with any number of fresh berries, passion fruit, shaved chocolate and edible flowers...the combinations are endless - and more importantly delicious. Enjoy immediately!

Dine X Design | Valentines Day Pavlova

Dine X Design | Valentines Day Pavlova

What a beauty! This pavlova is an edible gift that would go perfect with a lavender latte or earl grey tea...oooorrrrr bubbles, because who doesn't want an excuse for champagne?

Speaking of champagne - how about this watch!? I love the rustic contrast of wood with the delicate glam of gold. It's light weight but packs a statement...gosh, come to think of it, there are a lot of similarities between this watch and the pav. A match made in heaven!!

Wishing you a year filled with being in the moment and enjoying every minute of it.

Thank you to JORD for gifting me this lovely watch and giving me a much needed offline moment. They are also gifting you the chance to win $100 towards a wooden watch of your own - Happy Valentines Day Indeed! But hurry because the last day to enter is Sunday 2/12/17. GO!

Wooden Wristwatch