Uni Oyster Shooter On The Half Shell With Black Soba & Caviar

Uni Oyster Shooters | Dine X Design Whether you're rolling out the red carpet to watch the Oscars this weekend, or just looking to add a little fancy footwork into your entertaining  game - we've put together an appetizer upgrade that is elegantly luxe looking, but pretty darn simple to pull off (with the help of a quality fish man).

Oysters, Uni and some black soba noodles topped with caviar?! Who wouldn't want to be your guest nabbing from a platter of these  beauties dressed in their happy hour finest? And by finest, we or may not mean watching the hoopla fashion parade shouting at the telly while wearing target leggings...and fox-print slipper socks.

These Uni Oyster Shooters don't judge...So let's live this dream together.

Oyster Uni Shooter With Black Soba And Caviar | Dine X Design

Uni Oyster Shooter On The Half Shell With Black Soba Noodles & Caviar

What you'll need to prepare:
Fresh Raw Oysters (and a shucker - unless you ask the fish man to do it for you)
Black Roe or Caviar*
Coarse salt for plating
Black Soba Noodles
Fresh Uni
Flat Parsley
Dry White Wine
*We do love a Tobinko Black Flying Fish Roe which is very affordable and a bit sweeter. Available at most Japanese Market's freezer section.
 Black Soba And Caviar Oyster Uni Shooter  | Dine X Design
  • Cook soba noodles to their specified directions, in a skillet sauté garlic until golden adding in a small tab of butter and a dash of dry white wine to coat.
  • Shuck oysters and leave on ice, Toss cooked soba noodles with chopped parsley into the wine, butter sauce.
  • Set noodle mixture aside to cool completely, chill in the fridge if necessary.
  • With a small fork spiral a quarter-zed bundle of noodles and place on top of half oyster.
  • Top with a piece of fresh uni and a generous dollop of roe.

Uni Oyster Shooters With Black Soba And Caviar | Dine X Design

As you can see there are really no rules, regulations or measurements here - just a loose concept that feels incredibly fabulous. Make a dozen, make two...invite guests over or not! But most importantly these are meant to be enjoyed with a coupe of fabulous bubbles.

And slipper socks...most definitely slipper socks.