Living The Trend: Statement Dining Table

Statement Dining Room Tables | Dine X Design Artwork, a stylized collection of objects or centerpiece, thoughtfully selected linens and well made dish-ware are all necessary details to consider while pulling together a great dining room and entertaining space.

But what about the actual table?!

Sometimes overlooked and most readily available options seeming too bland or expensive to even consider... the dining room table is the unsung hero of the communal dining experience.

We want to change that.

Let the table be the star! Let's consider it as an art piece filled with personality! Let's have a little fun with the glitz, glamor architecture.

We've picked three unique statement dining table trends sure wow any space - be it through a new purchase, an excuse for a vintage hunt or the start of an inspired DIY project - each of these dining tables are bold in their own way and certainly capable of stirring up conversation over dinner.

Above Image: Kelly Wearstler 

Colorful Modern Dining Tables | Dine X Design


 Images: Jo Nagasaka   |  Máximo Riera  |  Atelier Biagetti

These colorful consoles have our inner New York art loft Harajuku Girl giddy.

"Exciting" was never a word that crossed our minds while thinking about dining tables, but these shocking characters have us screaming for more color in the house! Get us to the nearest second had store and case of high gloss spray paint STAT!

Unique Wood Dining Tables | Dine X Design


Images: Hudson Furniture  |  Fundamental  | Alcarol

These wooden wonders are turning the typical dining table's head with unique textures and unexpected materials integrated into the design.

Industrial, modern and geometric, the standard  smooth square lumber table has reached a new bench mark....and with legs as gorgeous as the top, it would be a shame to ever cover it with a table cloth.

Gold Dining Tables | Dine X Design

Images: Intarya Design  |  Jonathan Adler  | 1st Dibs

Go gold or go home!

Luxury maximized with gilded gorgeousness, these tables command attention and beg for the most glorious of dinner parties. Because who doesn't want to be rewarded by channeling their inner Kelly Wearstler after slaving over a hot stove?

Hollywood regency....we're feeling you yet again.

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Well... we're officially on the hunt for a new statement dining table. What's your favorite trend and are you thinking of mixing up your usual seating arrangement?