Plant Care: Turn Watering Day Chores to Cheers!

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Thank you Wilson Creek Winery for sponsoring this post. Wilson Creek Winery encourages you to celebrate the little things in life with their line of sparkling wines.

Proud Plant Parents unite! as part of the Triple-P Club, we can all agree there isn’t anything greater than a house (or garden) filled with plants…but with lots of plants comes lots of responsibility. Caring for even the smallest of potted pretties takes dedication and routine for them to flourish…not to mention the work involved when you’ve hit crazy collector status.

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So we’re taking on the biggest of plant parenting chores - watering day - and turning it into a joyful experience that you can not only look forward to each week, but use as an excuse for celebration. Spoiler alert: There’s sparkling wine involved!

Whether you’ve just picked up your first fool proof ficus, or you’re years deep into nurturing the ever fickle fern…here are a few new ways to enjoy taking care of your little leafy ones while treating yourself.

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A loaded bathtub, or kitchen sink, filled with potted plants is no unusual sight for you! Keeping on top of regular watering is the easiest way to maintain a healthy and happy plant - by scheduling a specific day each week you’ve set your success rate high. Even if every plant doesn’t need a decent dip, this is a great time to walk through your home and make sure there aren’t any leaves to be trimmed, dirt to be added or sun rotation needed.

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This dedicated time is a perfect chance to catch up on your favorite podcast, listen to a new album…or heck, draw a bath for yourself once your plants have left the pool. Mud mask recommended…if dirts good enough for your plant babies, it’s good enough for you! PS: This down time pairs well with a glass of Wilson Creek Almond Champagne.

Quick Tip: For air plant owners - avoid root rot by turning your Tillandsia upside-down to dry after a good soak. This way water won’t collect and cause your plant stress.

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Tomatoes taking over your plot?! Weeds eating into your weekend R&R?! Does the check list seem never ending for your little garden oasis? Fret not and invite a friend or three over to help! Tedious tasks are more fun when you’re coupled in good company.

Delegation is your friend - assign specific duties that can be done simultaneously, and rotate around your area as needed. One friend to do a quick weeding, while another trails behind with new plants or seeds, a third can follow up with a good soak. Boom! Done in a third of the time, you’re like the pit crew of growing plots.

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Enjoy the late day sun working together and then celebrate at sunset with a chilled glass of sparkling wine! Make if feel extra special by setting up a champagne station on your potting table and let the evening unfold into a full blown plant party.

Quick Tip: Garden watering is best done in late afternoon or early evening after summer temps have dropped and your chance of leaf burn (or root rot) have dissipated. Try to keep your stream of water at dirt and root level as soaking leaves can lead to mold and other pests like aphids who love a cool damp spot to hide.

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You’ve done it. You’ve kept those precious petals perky and it’s time to pat yourself on the back for the hard work we call nature nurturing. It’s time to celebrate the little things with Wilson Creek sparkling wine…and keeping your plant babies alive (let alone green) can sometimes feel like no small fete!

Popping a bottle of Wilson Creek Sparkling wine is a perfect beverage option for everyday celebration… not just for special occasions. There are 10 unique flavors for you to enjoy and can be found at your local store, online, and at the physical location in Temecula Valley Wine Country. So don’t forget to treat yourself by inviting your best buds over (or your in-house watering partner in crime) to toast to your perfect plant-tending!

Here’s to green on those thumbs and a little sparkly in your glass this summer. Cheers!