Nori Salad Recipe + Weekend Soundtrack

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset'Tis the season for celebrating those extra few moments of sunlight and a fever that we all seem to come down with in the name of springtime. Here on the west coast we've been fully embracing the concept of the warm weather weekend happy hour (how - WHY!? -  is it already reaching 90 degrees?!). With the recent time change giving us an even bigger excuse to take advantage of these longer golden lit hours  filling them with savory small bites and glasses filled with fragrant cheer. Our happy hour snacks are becoming lighter and more more vibrant.  New dishes are starting sneak into rotation as we pretend there is still such a thing as spring and summer break. Current Obsession? A Nori Salad  inspired by a recent galavant to one of many impressive Melbourne dining establishments, Cumulus Inc.

Let's just say that when this particular plate arrived at the table everyone fell silent. A shocking culinary revelation that has changed the way we look at piling on texture...and what a "salad" actually can be for that matter.

Dine X Design | Nori Salad Recipe

This Nori Salad recipe  is unlike anything we've encountered. Heaping mounds of torn dried seaweed sheets on top of spicy thinly sliced radishes, silky hamachi and salty avocado cream  - all snapped to life with a generous drizzle of punchy ginger vinaigrette and woody sesame seeds.

This dish does not involve many ingredients and definitely not much of your time. BUT! It's sure to impress without leaving your kitchen in utter chaos and more importantly it will let you get back to enjoying that rose colored sunset with (hopefully) a dry rosé  in hand.

Let it be known: Nori is not just for the hand roll anymore.

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Dine X Design | Nori Salad Recipe

Nori Salad With Hamachi & Ginger Vinaigrette

Assemble the following on a small plate, layering ingredients as you go:
1/4 lbs sushi grade hamachi or king fish, cut paper thin
4 radishes, sliced thin on a mandolin
1/2 ripe avocado, smashed in a ziplock bag and corner cut for pipping 
1 sheet crispy nori paper, roughly torn
2-3 spoons of ginger vinaigrette drizzled on top (recipe below)
Sesame Seeds,  sprinkle before serving
Ginger Vinaigrette

4 TBS white wine vinegar
1 tsp fresh ginger paste
2 tsp olive oil
*serving size: appetizer for two
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Here's to the happiest of your weekend hours! May they be filled with tart textured bites, chilled bevvies and soothing tunes! Speaking of tunes - here's a little spring playlist to lead you into a bit of relaxation over the next few days.



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What's on your weekend playlist - music or happy hour-wise?

We want to know and join in on your fun too - share it below!