Naturally Green Cocktails For St. Patrick's Day (And Spring!)


I love the color green. It's the color of my garden, it's the color I want to paint my kitchen island (emerald to be exact) and it's a staple in my choice of jacket color (how many army green jackets is too many anyway...wait don't answer that). But when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick's Day - which I do by going to a Mexican restaurant and hiding from all the madness - I'm not a fan of the green dyed beverage options.

So this year, as an ode to one of my favorite colors - and to the arrival of Spring (so soon!) - I've rounded up a pair of naturally green cocktails that are as gorgeous as they are delicious... Because I think we should start taking a new saying this time of year: Chic over Shamrocks! And these two classics are definitely just that. Cheers!


The Last Word: A Chic Classic Cocktail

A pre-prohibition classic - this is an incredibly balanced and delicate cocktail that gets an emerald hue from green chartreuse. Think of this one as an opportunity to expand your bar cart. The unique spirits used in this drink can serve as your happy hour secret weapon! Green chartreuse loves whiskey —  give your classic Manhattan a twist. Or, try the green spirit infused with chilies and pair it with pear and ginger for an exotic sip. Maraschino also has many creative, not to mention refreshing, uses. Add it as a main ingredient to your favorite tropical drinks such as the daiquiri or beachcomber.

The Last word is a great place to start and can be enjoyed year round - Get my recipe HERE!


Nasturtium Negroni Blanco: A Backyard Botanical Spin on The Original

Some people consider the nasturtium a weed - how dare they! I seed bomb my lower yard each winter with hopes of their peppery lillypad-like leaves and bold blooms to fill every nook and cranny. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible and give many dishes an unexpected kick. I decided to try muddling the leaves into a negroni blanco and the results were exciting.

So get out the garden gloves and start growing your own - or go foraging for some on your next weekend stroll. I think you'll find these leaves exceptional in a spring salad and hopefully while enjoying this unique spin on the classic negroni - Get my recipe HERE!


Photography Originally Created For Cost Plus World Market. Credits: Kristin Guy, Dine X Design