Domino Magazine: How To Stylishly Hide Your TV

05_Fireplace Diy | Kristin Guy Dine X Design.jpg

You see, I hate seeing a TV. Especially when it’s positioned as a focal point in the room. Call me crazy or give me an agreeable high-five…the big black box has got to go!

When we bought our home, there was only one designated spot for the screen - mounted above the fireplace. We live in a small mid century home and the last thing I wanted to see was a TV upon entering, let alone above the roaring fire.

After brainstorming several ideas (including framed artwork) I felt that a hanging tapestry might just be the best option for ease…we do watch the darn thing after all and whatever the covering would be needs to be light and convenient to pull off and put back on.

Little did I know that my little DIY rug hack would go viral - in fact, you can read all about how to get the look over on Domino Magazine!

06_Fireplace DIY Before | Kristin Guy Dine X Design.jpg

Here’s a little before to give you an idea what we started with. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again - the power of paint is amazing! Just lightning this mantel with a softer hue and adding a rustic ledge gave it a renewed lease on life!

So what do you think!? Do you dislike seeing a screen enough to give this easy DIY a go?

04_Fireplace DIY | Kristin Guy Dine X Design.jpg