11 Holiday Cocktails Perfect For Entertaining



I think the holidays are the perfect time to shake things up and get a little experimental with your beverages!

When inviting friends and family into your home you've got the opportunity to share something truly unique and unexpected - so I've rounded up 11 of my favorite cocktails that I've mixed up around the internet this year as a little cheat sheet for you to reference well into New Years Day...or spring for that matter!

Happy Holidays my friends - Raising a pretty glass to you and a new year filled with positivity, good health and lots of love. And if you do end up making one of these drinks, I'd love to see which you stir up, so please tag any of your creations with #dinexdesign

Cheers! xox





Take a new spin on a few classics

Pecan Old Fashioned

Pecan Pies have become a new family tradition thanks to  my mother in law over the past few years and in the spirit of celebrating nutty and rich flavors of the season, I thought we should turn this classic holiday dessert into a sophisticated cocktail to enjoy well into the New Year.

Dill Martini

A crisp cocktail and a classy garnish..nothing feels more special than being presented a glass that is filled with a thoughtful libation that’s carefully dressed up with something visually delightful. So—pick out your glassware and let’s put that star on top of your tree, or dill martini, so to speak.

Deconstructed Negroni

The Negroni cocktail is definitely having a moment in the spotlight these days, and although I love the classic cocktail, it’s also fun to break the rules sometimes…especially when that rule-breaking involves campari flavored jelly candies.



Modern Mulling 

Mulled Pear & Prosecco Punch

Have I mentioned I'm really into mulling this year? Heck, I even mulled jam for holiday cookies! This big batch brandy and prosecco cocktail will quickly become a winter favorite with its bright fruit notes and aromatic flavors. 

Mulled Pineapple Rum Cocktail

Did you know that pineapples are the symbol of hospitality? Tradition says, if a guest arrives to a party where a whole pineapple is displayed, they should expect that no expense was spared working toward the guest’s ultimate enjoyment. Can you think of a better time to invite guests over for a sip of a pineapple drink that will leave everyone feeling warm inside?



Some Like it Hot (And Caffeinated)

Creme Brûlée Cappuccino

This year, we think you need to take your hot holiday cocktails to the next level. As in, literally light them on fire! Cappuccino is a much-loved after-dinner drink, but did you know that it can double as a cocktail and a dessert? By topping your caffeinated froth with raw sugar and getting your hands on a small cooking torch, you are moments away from delivering one of the most entertaining cocktails of the year.

Chai Tea Infused Whiskey Sour

This time of year, eggnog seems to be making an appearance at every gathering. As in, you can’t get away from it! I get it. It’s a classic, comforting drink and a fabulous staple for entertaining, but I wanted to create something different and surprising for guests. Enter the flip cocktail (similar in preparation to the traditional nog, but lacking the cream and adding all the buzz), this class of cocktail is fabulously frothy in appearance and a breeze to create with just a shaker filled with ice.



Some Like it Not (Cold & Refreshing)

Blackberry Ginger Fizz

‘Tis the season to raise a glass that is filled with festive flavors. But creating complex flavors doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be complicated! One of my favorite ways to kick up traditional cocktails is by adding a shrub to the mix. For this cocktail, I made a quick and easy vinegar-based syrup that can be made in a pinch and will last several weeks in a sealed container, which means you can celebrate with your shrub masterpiece from now until the New Year!

Pomegranate Mule

Just because it’s chilly outside, doesn’t mean we can’t sip on a chilled drink this holiday season!

I think it’s just an extra excuse to throw a log on the fire (or pull out that cashmere sweater you’ve been waiting to wear) and settle in for the night with good friends…or just a good book. Goodness, we could all use a little downtime this time of year! So in the name of cold cocktails, we’re updating the classic Moscow Mule and all it’s frosted glory by switching things up with pomegranate molasses and spiced bourbon – two flavors that scream seasonal spice!



Give Good Garnish

Banderillas Martini

When it comes to entertaining this year, leave the movie-themed gimmicks behind and get black tie fabulous. Nothing screams glitz and glamor quite like a perfectly made martini served in a chic nick & nora style coupe topped with Spanish tapas.

Blueberry Shrub Cocktail 

Did we mention a blueberry & prosciutto garnish for your cocktail? Those two flavors are fast friends – also hello festive presentation!

And of course, if you're looking for even more spirited inspiration, you can always search all the cocktails right here in our DXD archives! Cheers Friends!