Styling The Trend: Gold & Porcelain

  Dine X Design | Porcelain And Gold Food Objects

I love nothing more than when shiny and matte join forces to make every day objects look super luxurious. This particular group of food objects have been floating on the top of my need/want/love list for a while and it's got me wanting to hit up the local do-it-center and start coating everything with spray paint.

Actually that's not a half bad idea...


Dine X Design | Gold And Porcelain Kitchen Table Top Decor

Looking to glam up some other ordinary (and functional) objects for the home? Here are a few of our current favorites making new homes in our cupboards and table tops. I'm particularly in love with the polka dot scoops!

Gold polka dot Coasters // Gold Dipped Spoons // Gold Rain Drop Tea Towel // Gold Serving Platter // Gold Anchor Mug //

Gold Top Milk Jugs // Gold Polka Dot Scoops // Gold Coasters

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Top Image Credits:

Pae White's Gold Popcorn Art Installation // Arndt Von Hoff  'Gold Hamburger'  // Wayne Mcara Gold Dipped Soft Serve // Jonathan Adler Banana Bud Vase