DIY Pez Candy: Blood Orange & Cayenne Pepper

Pez Candy DIY | Dine X Design Oh Pez. Cute little sugary bricks of...okay, let's face it - these candies are more about the hunt and collection of the dispensers than the actual candy. We've always found the flavors to be...a little too chalky for our taste. But thankfully we're about to change all of that!

We're bringing Pez back into style with a surprisingly sophisticated spin: Blood Orange & Cayenne Pepper slabs of delight.

With a simple and quick setting molding kit and a handful of ingredients you'll be on your way to pushing artisan candies out of your little colorful characters in no time.

It's time to dust off your fantastic plastic collection and give it new life with these sweet and spicy DIY Pez candies.

Dine X Design | DIY Pez Cadies

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Blood Orange & Cayenne Pepper: DIY Pez Candy


materials needed:

food safe, non toxic silicone molding putty kit 
candy thermometer
pack of pez candies (for mold making)


1 1/4 cup white sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/3 cup water
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
5 tsp blood orange extract
food coloring (5 drops red, 3 drops yellow)
confectioners sugar (for light coating on candies) 

for candy mold: If you want to insert your candies into a pez dispenser (and have it work properly without jamming), you must create a mold using actual pez candies in insure your treats will fit to the appropriate mechanics. Follow instructions on silicone molding kit and press pez candies into mixed molding, letting them set for 30-45 minutes or until molding hardens. Remove pez candies and wash hardened mold before using.

Pez Candy DIY | Silicone Mold | Dine X Design

for candies: Mix sugar, corn syrup and water in a sauce pan and let dissolve over medium heat. Once dissolved, bring to a boil and insert candy thermometer and boil untouched until 300 F is reached. Add in flavoring, spice and food coloring and mix quickly (we poured a small amount of mixture into a small metal milk foaming pitcher to allow for easier pour). Pour melted candy mixture into your silicone mold carefully, but working quickly, candy melt time only lasts up to 10 minutes. Once hardened, pop candies out of mold and coat with a small amount of confectioners sugar to keep candies from sticking together.

 [separator type="double"] Pez Candy DIY | Blood Orange & Cayenne | Dine X Design This little diy pez candy operation is  definitely a surprising and mature take on a kiddy classic. And we're pretty excited to have an excuse to tote around one of our (many, yikes) pez dispensers again. Think of it as a new accessory trend: unexpected, playful....aaand it pushes out tangy spicy sweets.

Are you ready to bring the pez back into fashion?!

We're thinking a rose lemonade version is not far off in the distant future....yum.