Best Holiday Wines For Thanksgiving With Whitney A.

Best Thanksgiving Wines | Whitney A | DIne X Design
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Whether you're hosting the holidays this year, or gathering around a loved one's table elsewhere  - you best be armed with the appropriate wine for the occasion. Sometimes knowing exactly what the best holiday wines for thanksgiving to bring or serve can be an intimidating fete, but it doesn't have to be a confusing, or expensive experience....
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That's why we asked our favorite wine woman, Whitney Adams, to break it down for us in a manner we could wrap our head around: give us a road map for a crowd pleasing and affordable trio of wines that will win over our guests and host alike.
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And per usual, she's got us wanting to buy extra bottles to keep hidden for ourselves...

Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving! The best eating holiday of the year. Am I right or am I right? And where there's food, there's wine! Let's hope that there is an abundance of both. I love to open up an assortment of wines for the Thanksgiving meal- bubbly, white, orange, pink, red... a rainbow cornucopia of vino. Instead of trying to pair wine exactly to your turkey (which is pretty neutral) and dressing and the like, go for wines that you love, wines that you are thankful for. Most importantly, wines that are food-friendly (with acidity) and refreshing are always at the top of my list. An epic meal requires endurance!
~Whitney A.
Best Thanksgiving Wines | Riesling | DIne X Design  
2013 Ravines Riesling A Riesling, dry or a little off-dry, is ALWAYS on my Thanksgiving table. The moderate alcohol levels and bright acidity make it super versatile and also keeps your palate refreshed. This Riesling happens to be from New York's Finger Lakes region (the home of my alma mater!), where some of the country's best Riesling is grown. It's a dry style and mouth-watering, which will keep you coming back for more!
Characteristics to ask for in similar wines: a high-acid white wine from Germany, France or Pacific Northwest with a touch of residual sugar, a strong core of minerality and a light, clean texture.
Best Thanksgiving Wines | French Rose | Dine X Design
2013 Clos du Tue-Boeuf Rosé This Gamay rosé from the Loire is just straight up delicious. The fruit, like fresh watermelon and strawberry, is delicate and the texture light but smooth. And what does pink wine NOT go with? Drink in abundance all year long. 
Characteristics to ask for in similar wines: Practically any dry rosé from France (or Italy...or wherever!) with red fruit flavors and pretty aromatics.
Best Thanksgiving Wines | Italian Red Blends | DIne X Design 
2013 Occhipinti SP68 Rosso  I love a lighter style of red wine for Thanksgiving. This Frappato/Nero d'Avola from Sicily, and one of my favorite Italian winemakers, is a great Pinot Noir or Gamay alternative. The tannin is still on the lower end of the spectrum and the texture is silky, and the Frappato adds this beautiful floral aromatic touch. So lovely!
Characteristics to ask for in similar wines A light-bodied red with low tannin and a little bit of earthiness that improves with a chill down in the fridge.
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Consider yourself armed with three victorious vinos, that are not only perfect for your Thanksgiving feast, but pretty darn perfect for any dinner party you'll be attending between now and New Years.

If you're looking for more wine advice, we suggest that you head on over and learn about what to drink for any occasion (like tonight over a bowl of Phở and a Netflix binge) on Whitney's savvy drinking website and her hilarious (and helpful) YouTube Channel for all things stylish to sip on.


Wine Selection & Consultation: Whitney Adams
Styling & Photography: Kristin Guy