Banana Graffiti: Marta Grossi

Dine X Design | Marta Grossi Banana Graffiti Marta Grossi, an Italian living in Hong Kong,  is splitting the artwork scene in two (or fours depending on how you see it) with a bunch of organic originals in her ongoing series called the Banana Graffiti project.

A brilliant (and might we add affordable) way to uniquely tackle the art scene, Marta is carving, panting and even studding these Musa muses to peeled perfection. It's impossible to choose which skin sensation is our absolute favorite (knowing there are more to come and new additions added almost weekly), but what we do know is that we can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Current DxD Banana Project theme requests: Dia De Los Muertos, Harajuku Girls and/or anything to do with costumes related to GaGa's latest forever-long music video.

Let's get the split (we mean scoop!) with the graphic gal herself....

Dine X Design | Banana Graffiti Art

Who: Marta Grossi

Stomping Grounds: Hong Kong


The Concept:

Every banana has a simple and unique canvas, and every banana is different. This is an open experiment based on a very cheap and ordinary support.

I customize my banana during the night. I have my banana for breakfast the day after. This is a temporary space and love to prove that inspiration is everywhere.

Dine X Design | Marta Grossi Instagram

The Back Story:

I had the first idea almost 3 years ago, but I found the right time to work on it 4 months ago. You know I live in Hong Kong, the weather here is hot and humid most of the time, so I started to have 2 bananas for day. So I used to buy a lot of bananas and take it to the office. One day at the wet market I saw bananas written with red marker, to indicate the price, and when I went back to the office I started to write my colleague's name or make little illustrations to customize bananas.

I though banana because I always have 1 or 2 in my bag, is cheap, organic and easy to find almost everywhere.

I always found inspiration from simple and ordinary things. A signal on the street, a song, a tender and elderly couple at the park, soy sauce stains on a table. Everything can be inspirations and change our perspective.

I love to see things from different angles.

Project Report:

I just finished a huge collaboration with Pedder Red group, a very well known fashion brand, I created and directed their last SS14 campaign and presented it in two exhibitions in Hong Kong and Singapore,with Banana Graffiti first launch (video above).

Banana Graffiti | Marta Grossi

All photos courtesy of Marta Grossi

Check out Marta Grossi online as well as her  growing portfolio of work:

full banana graffiti project  | facebook | instagram | pinterest |