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Bonnie Rush is a beautiful calm soul who's home is constantly brimming with joyful activity. On her website, A Golden Afternoon, she shares a gorgeous glimpse of her family, the daily happenings of life homeschooling three children and the work that goes into building a darling and happy homestead. Not to mention a good dose of introspective (read: real talk) humor. She lives each and every moment filled with purpose, which is not only apparent in her work, but also seen just standing in her kitchen - filled with the perfect light and copious amounts of work space...a kitchen of any food stylist's dreams. Perched high in the hills just outside of downtown San Diego, it really felt like a golden afternoon spending time with this amazing lady (and her whimsical daughter Faith). Watching Bonnie pull kumquats from the backyard garden, stepping lightly while dancing around one of her thirteen chickens, and gracefully styling up a spring cocktail from the DXD mystery box -  she is definitely living proof of her brand. Bonnie shines warm and bright just like her website's name suggests, while consistently being a go-to source for inspiration on how to live a full-life creativity.

You Got A Golden Afternoon.

Dine X Design | You Got Served | Box 005 | A GOLDEN AFTERNOONThe Rules:
~Subject must choose and work with at least two items and one textile from the mystery box
~Location and surface area up to the discretion of the subject
~One additional textile, prop, and food/botanicals can be selected from the subject’s personal collection
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Dine X Design | You Got Served | A Golden Afternoon

Do you have a routine or game plan when it comes to styling with props for your photos? 

I've learned to be comfortable with the idea that my style flows from the rhythms of our household, which means unpredictability!  As much as I would love to style things slowly and with great thought, I'm usually taking pictures with 4 hungry people watching. haha.  My family is very patient with me, so I try to make it easier for them by having a little spot set up ahead of time, if I intend to take a pictures for a recipe.  I have a vintage rolling projector cart that I will leave outside before dinner, with my linens and garnishes, so that I can run out to photograph my plate before I sit down to eat.

When I can plan ahead (usually when I photograph cocktails!), I love styling with fresh greenery or plants from the yard.  I love the way some fresh sprigs can make a picture feel full of life.  Plus, I've always preferred the feel of what "in the moment" looks like.

At the end of the day, my pictures may not have professional lighting or be perfectly styled, but hopeful I am conveying real life beauty with my pictures. Raw beauty, the way God intended it.   

A Golden Afternoon | Dine X Design | You Got Served | Bonnie Rush

What's your Serving Style? Brand new/on trend, unique vintage originals, particular colors?

I've always loved vintage pieces placed carefully around, but find that they sit even more nicely amongst the modern open shelving and color backdrop our kitchen provides.  White is creeping into my life in as many ways as it can, considering our home has 3 kiddos running around!  Hopefully, I can find a way to blend the practical with the beautiful.  You see, white walls may be pretty, but handprints still find their wall all over them!  My kitchen and living room paint color is "silver sage" from Restoration Hardware.  Most of the things in my home tend to complement this grey and blue hue.  I have never wanted to paint over it, which says a lot.

Dine X Design | You Got Served | Bonnie RushDo you have a favorite piece in your collection? What's the story behind it? 

My Grandma was the best entertainer I know.  She was graceful and exuded all kinds of loveliness.  I am so grateful to have a piece of her with me in the form of her honey bee jar (pictured).  I mean, what could be better than a little bee that holds honey in it's little glass body with a metal winged lid?  This little fella will always be special to me.

Dine X Design | You Got Served | Bonnie Rush | A Golden Afternoon

If you could get a hold of any item for your kitchen or tabletop, what do you currently have your eye on?  

Hand-carved wood ALWAYS has my eye.  My husband recently put together a chopping block for his fishing boat and it has me imagining all kind of trees into cutting boards and spoons.  Over time, I've collected various hand-carved utensils.  I love the beauty and love poured into each creation.  My next purchase will hopefully be a raw edge cutting board.  Natural wood will always have a place in my kitchen.

Also, hand-made pottery has my attention.  Kristin, here, might have drawn me toward the making of the amazing tumbler pictured!

A Golden Afternoon | Dine X Design | You Got Served

If you could express your personal style in 3 emojis, what would they be?

Bonnie Rush Emojis


You Got Served | Bonnie Rush | Dine X Design

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Getting to see Bonnie's life and creative process first hand is a heart warming experience. It's a nice reminder to slow down each day and appreciate the tiny details while making sure to share that positive energy to those around us. Thank you for keeping us all golden Bonnie!

Get a daily visual jolt of joy on A Golden Afternoon's Instagram Feed as well as inspiration on pinterest and the latest A Golden Afternoon content updated on Facebook.

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