3 Steps To The Most Easy (Beautifully Breezy) 4th of July Pie Party


Fourth of July is literally around the corner, in fact, it seems most of us are starting the celebrations early! Where did the first half of this year go?! How am I going to pull together a party last minute!? Stop pacing. Stop stressing. We've got this!

In fact, we're going to all throw a 4th of July Pie Party in three steps that is going to make it happen in a snap and no this does not involve your typical red white and blue decor and bites.


- Refresh Your Patriotic Palette - 

Red, White & Blue is the tried and true classic, but we're looking to put a little refresh into our summer styling pieces while still having them work perfectly for Fourth of July celebrations. By muting the typical primary color palette into softer creams, rose and grey-toned blues,  your table and centerpiece become a breezy boho setting that you'll want to keep going all summer long.

Add structure and height to your table by stacking inexpensive terra-cotta pots. This on-trend look comes together on a dime and can even create one of a kind pie stands by topping them with a simple white ceramic plate. Macramé and raw linen give a casual vibe to the table, while pops of gold give it a bit of celebratory glam. Try adding easy to find craft store fabrics such as seersucker into the mix to give a holiday appropriate touch while still keeping with the softer more mellow color palette. 


-  Serve Up Style Without The Stress -

Speaking of stress, not all of us have the time to whip up a homemade pie...let alone THREE. By adding a delicious, thaw-and-serve Edwards Crème Pies to your spread you will have everyone saving room for dessert and you saving time to prep on other things. All you do is take the pie out of the freezer, let it sit out for a few minutes and serve! Boop! The ultimate pie tasting party that no one can say no to.


-  Decorate Those Desserts -

Make your pie party feel extra special by cutting a variety of flavored pies into small squares topped with fresh fruit and edible flowers. This extra touch will make these desserts feel extra decadent and continue the fresh and fragrant theme from your table decor to your plate. Here are a few flavor pairings to try:


Key Lime

Top velvety and refreshing Edwards Key Lime pie with paper-thin slices of citrus for a high-end bakery look. Think Meyer lemon, kumquat, even a double dose of key limes to amplify the pie flavors. Simply sprinkle your slices with sugar and turn up the heat using a culinary torch will turn these citrus cuties into beautiful Brûlée bites. 


Cookies And Crème

This pie is so decadent on its own - vanilla créme and chocolate cookie chunks on a dark chocolate cookie crumb crust - that a little frozen fruit won't overwhelm its delightful flavors. Try placing blackberries and pitted cherries in the freezer for ten minutes before serving, they will look stunning with a little bit of frost that plays off the whipped créme topping. Don't forget to add edible gold flakes...because everyone loves a little fireworks show. 


Strawberry Crème

So fine and definitely divine, this pretty pink pie deserves some fresh berries and edible blooms to grab your guests attention. Edible blooms such as borage or bachelors buttons are not overly flavored, but are most importantly purple which completes your chic patriotic palette right down to the last pie bite. A perfect complement to the luscious layers of strawberry and vanilla créme on top of a vanilla cookie crumb crust. Take the theme even further with edible gold star confetti, if there's ever an occasion to use that it's now!


Are we feeling calm? Are we ready to put on the perfect 4th of July Pie Party!? Each one of Edwards Desserts' pies have creamy layers of flavor and a crispy, freshly-baked cookie crumb crust. What's not to love there? Plus pie is a perfect treat for any occasion, not just holidays...so just like your new table decor, you just might want to keep a few extra pies around for any impromptu summer celebrations!

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