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Recently I pulled together a DIY-filled Winter Solstice Party for HGTV – and it might be my favorite entertaining set up in a long time! No fuss, simple materials from the craft store are transformed into a gorgeous spread by mixing and matching natural materials such as wood, wool and fresh botanicals with hints of copper and handmade ceramics. The recipes are simple, yet filled with flavor – and even better they are small bites that guests can self serve at their leisure. This party is about enjoying everyone’s company and not making things overly complicated…as we tend to do this time of year.

So whether you’re wanting to celebrate the season with a big bang or just sprinkle a few of these ideas onto your holiday table – I’ve picked out a few of my favorite details that are definitely quick and easy ways to turn your home into a whimsical winter wonderland in a snap…aka: before this weekend.



DIY Details

Winter Greens Glass Bottle Centerpiece

There is something magical about winter evergreens suspended in water. I took this bottled look one step further by adding candles for the perfect centerpiece that demands attention without being too overwhelming while sitting at the table. Bonus – greens last for up to 3 weeks before needing to swap out (so you can enjoy this look well into the new year).

Copper & Wood Serving Platters

Everyone needs a little copper tape in their lives – it is the one crafting supply that can make the ordinary extraordinary. Like these wood slab serving boards that needed just a little extra glitz for the holidays.

Hand Painted Leather Coasters

Coasters make for the perfect host gift – or anything that can double as party decor and be functional that is. Rather than spending money on expensive ceramic sets, try raiding the craft store and hand paint leather rounds for a one of a kind present that will look stunning on any table.

Wool Yarn Table Runner

I feel in love with this spun yard at the craft store and always had dreams of using it on the table. This was finally the year! By simply wrapping the yarn back and forth between two wooden dowels you’ll have a unique table runner that will have everyone talking….and thinking that you actually bought it at West Elm.



Self-Serve Sips & Snacks

Mulled Pear & Prosecco Punch

Big batch punches are an excellent way to lessen your hosting duties. Allow guests to serve themselves with a vibrant and holiday spiced drink station. I’ve been very into mulling different types of ingredients this year and pear is a perfect companion to these flavors, not to mention brandy and prosecco.

Lamb & Pomegranate Stuffed Persimmons

I will be the first to admit that I came up with this recipe after stumbling across a photo on pinterest. Except, the photo was actually of an orange, filled with seed for a DIY bird feeder. Never the less, this is what my mind wanted to see upon first glance at the image thumbnail – happy accident and now we’re enjoying garam masala lamb filled persimmons with feverish delight!

Chocolate Spice Fig Cakes

Holiday spiced chocolate cakes filled with figs are a decadent treat – but there’s something about miniaturizing anything that makes it feel extra special. These cakes are dunked in melted chocolate and topped with blood oranges and coconut flakes – and because they’re small that  means you get to have two…or three.



Decorative Details

Minimalist Garland

I’m trying to make chair garland a thing this year – Talk about wasted real estate! These Scandinavian-inspired garlands are a sinch to string together, simply using twine, small wooden beads and scrap leather. A sprig of eucalyptus carries the theme one step further making the scenes smell as wonderful as it looks.

Bolo Tie Party Favor

When I first pitched this party favor idea, I thought HGTV was going to laugh me…instead they helped me realize that bolo ties are ABSOLUTELY the perfect party favor (especially when they double as festive flair that matches the party decor). These are super simple to put together and I’m thinking of them as a modern spin on a holiday corsage – I can definitely see myself (and you) making different variations of these for the spring holidays as well. Bolos for everyone!



Are we ready to party host and party go with all our might?! Tis the season to celebrate the happy things in life and be thankful for all of our blessings. Wishing you all a beautiful, no stress, holiday! I can’t believe that I’ve been working on Christmas since June – but that doesn’t lessen my excitement to decorate my own home for the main event. Dressing the table should be a playful and enjoyable part of entertaining…

In fact, I’d love to see your tables – so please be sure to tag your entertaining masterpieces big and small with the hashtag #dinexdesign – I can’t wait to see them!

You can catch the entire list of Winter Solstice DIY decor and recipes over on HGTV’s Winter Design Trends Page!

xox CHEERS! xox


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