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Scandenavian Kitchen Design | Dine X Design

I’ve been spending more time than I’d like to admit trolling realestate websites these days. Yes…the home search in Los Angeles is as agonizing, competitive and as heart breaking as you might have heard. BUT – to make the process more enjoyable, I put on my designer goggles and mentally renovate every kitchen I step into (and trust me, I’ve stepped into A LOT of kitchens that need fixing over the past year).

The idea of knocking down walls and rearranging layouts is always a fun game – you know wishful thinking (and pretending you’ve got an endless budget) that have us dreaming of expansive marble topped islands and gleaming professional ranges – So you can imagine my delight (and avid pinterest bookmarking) when I came across the Swedish Realestate website ENTRANCE.

Holy moly now THESE are perfect kitchens – and even more impressive is that they achieve some pretty stunning design ideas without breaking the bank – which is obviously of interest to all of us.

Here are a two of my fave kitchens from the site paired with 5 easy ideas to pull that look together in your own home (or soon to be home)!

Industrial Romance Kitchen | Dine X Design Industrial Romance Kitchen Detail | Dine X Design Industrial Romance Kitchen Detail 2 | Dine X Design


A little bit hard with a sugar coating of sweetness. This is a kitchen that could be changed up in so many ways, just depending on which wallpaper you could decide on. Where subway tiles and marble counter tops are nothing new, pairing them with sleek stainless steel cabinets takes this look to a new level of modern luxe. Finishing touches such as worn vintage accessories, weathered wood shelving and a pop of floral pastel on the walls warm the space’s personality to perfection that could otherwise feel sterile and cold.

Industrial Romance Style Guide | Dine X Design

#1 DECO WALLPAPER: Add a bit of feminine drama to your walls with an unexpected printed wall paper. This deco floral pattern rides the balance of modern design thats not overly girly.

#2 PENDANT LIGHTING: A simple statement for any dining nook or kitchen, this brass capped pendant light adds just the perfect punch of high end finish.

#3 WISHBONE CHAIRS: The wishbone chair is a Denmark classic – mix and match with cafe seats to give a more eclectic edge to your table.

#4 RECLAIMED WOOD SHELF: Bring in texture and warmth to your tiled backsplash by mounting this stylish storage. Arrange multiple in a row for a more dramatic look.

#5 MARBLE SLABS WITH COPPER DETAIL: Don’t have the budget to cover all the counter with marble? Bring in the texture with serving platters so pretty you’ll keep them on display

Rustic Glam Kitchen Inspiration | Dine X Design Rustic Glam Kitchen Details 2 | Dine X Design Rustic Glam Kitchen Details | Dine X Design


This kitchen is a fabulously dressed tomboy wearing a vintage skirt with chuck taylors. It’s the delicate balance of feminine details such as the jade colored glass tiles, vintage mirror and chic cafe chairs that make the rugged undertones of dark countertops and unfinished floors feel more glamorous than handsome. If only we could all have the perfect brick accent wall to design around. Gaw!

Rustic Glam Style Guide | By Dine X Design

#1 VINTAGE INSPIRED MIRROR: Perfect for reflecting light in darker spaces, this brass framed mirror is a surprising way to add character to any space. Hang above eye level because no one likes to look at themselves while washing dishes. 

#2 CRYSTAL CUT LIGHTBULBS: Victorian style cut glass is the easiest way to add a touch of whimsey to any basic pendant light – but hanging this on a basic cord brings in an unexpected modern twist for lighting that makes a statement without bring overbearing in a smaller space. 

#3 GLASS TILES: Move over subway tiles, these jade glossy numbers are moving in! These tiles are key to bringing in the romance to balance out harder surfaces such as reclaimed wood and brick accents.

#4 EBONIZED WOOD: If dark countertops aren’t your thing (we know, light and bright marble is hard to resist) add in a little masculine edge with ebony stained boards. High drama at a more reasonable cost.

#5 UPDATED HAIRPIN CHAIR: Hairpin cafe chairs are easy design staples, but why not bring in a mid-century inspired spin on the classic to add a little pop of personality at the table.

Exploring Scandenavian Kitchen Design | Dine X Design

And one more for your kitchen candy eyeballs…I could dissect these rooms for hours! I mean Navy cupboards and leather pulls!? Yes. Please.

The reason Scandinavian design is pleasing because it doesn’t pack too much in to make a statement. Streamlined cabinets in neutral color palettes allow to dress the stage with more personality. Clean lines matched with texture and warmth keeping everything in balance, not boring. I’m definitely bookmarking this website for future reference and you should too…but I apologize in advance for the rabbit hole of house browsing that you’re about to fall into.

Report back on your favorites!


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  • Scandinavian kitchen design is great. But I am more into woodie design. As in woodie color. The designs posted above have a lot of wood elements in it, but not necessarily in woodie colors. But it surely looks amazing, though, the color choice is great. If I have to pick on of the design, I will go with the black colored design or just the darker shade, which is the rustic design. It appeals the most to me. Thank you for sharing this and maybe come and visit us to get your kitchen appliance!

    • I love rustic wood too! I actually just put in two reclamed open shelves in my kitchen with brass brackets. I think the two styles could work well together!