Grilled Peach & Brandy Pineapple Sangria Popsicle Spheres

Grilled Peach & Brandy Pineapple Sangria Popsicle Spheres | Dine X Design

You’ve probably been seeing a lot of frozen treats hitting your screens over the past couple of days and that is because Popsicle Week is back! Summer is in full swing and we’ve all been challenged to whip up some crazy nonsense (read: delicious nonsense) in the form of a frozen molded surprise.

But who said popsicles can’t be round…or not have sticks for that matter?! As you know we like to mix things up around here and decided to break a few rules. Consider this grilled sangria popsicle sphere the perfect summer party surprise that’s going to bloom into lovely intense flavors while melting in a crisp glass of Spanish white wine. I mean, who really needs a stick in their glass…and we’re all about finding new ways to fire up the BBQ when it comes to happy hour at home.

Grilled Peach & Brandy Pear Sangria Popsicle Spheres | Dine X Design

Grilled Peach & Brandy Pineapple Sangria Popsicle Spheres

Recipe makes two frozen spheres

1 bottle Spanish white wine* 
6 ounces brandy or cognac
1 grilled peach
1/2 cup chopped pineapple
Juice of 1 orange
Micro mint or orange mint
*We picked up a bottle of effervescent Ameztoi Txakoli Getariako Txakolina and a bottle of Arindo 2014 Young White Wine to try out from our local (and favorite) bottle shop Silverlake Wine… and if you’re near by (or willing to have it shipped) we suggest you do the same!
Grilled Peach & Brandy Pineapple Sangria Popsicles | Dine X Design
Pre-heat BBQ and spray your peach halves with olive oil. Place on the grill flat side down for 5-10 minutes until soft and slightly charred then  set aside in a bowl to cool. Chop small bites of pineapple and sauté for 5-10 minutes in a skillet with about 3-4 oz of brandy/cognac, let caramelize and deglaze with a little orange juice, set aside to cool. Combine, orange juice, small chunks of grilled peach, brandy pineapple and a little bit of mint into a sphere ice cube mold and top with a splash of brandy if you’d like an extra kick. Freeze for at least 4 hours, even better if you let them chill out over night.
Ready to enjoy!? Then plop that  bad boy into a chilled glass of white Spanish wine and allow the magic to melt and intensify with flavor. Too intense!? Mild it down into a little bit of a spritzer with some Fever Tree Tonic Water.

Dine X Design | Grilled Peach Sangria Popsicle | Popsicle Week

Like a tropical beach ball floating in an effervescent pool of vino….if this isn’t summer time in a glass, we’re not sure what is!

The Spanish white wine is slightly dry and salty, a perfect compliment to the fruity, sweet and somewhat smoked flavors of the sangria popsicle sphere. Just think of all the fruit combinations you could do this with (watermelon & strawberry, mango & peach…heck you could even make this as a red sangria if you preferred). What an easy and exciting way to enjoy an extra cold drink this summer.

That being said, there are two of these sassy sangria spheres still sitting in the freezer and we’re ready to start the weekend – Cheers Friends!

Grilled Peach & Brandy Pear Sangria Popsicle Spheres | Dine X Design


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