The Summer Farmers Market: A Produce Color Study

Produce Portraits A Color Story | Dine X Design


There is no question I have a love affair with my Farmers market – I professed it this year when we moved into a new neighborhood while stuffing my basket with all the green amaranth I could get my hands on before it could go out of season. What I didn’t realize is that I could fall in love with it even more…

Sigh, late summer your bounty is beautiful. And if you ask me, you deserve to be considered a season all your own! And if you try to tell me that a tomato tastes as good in June as it does in August…just hush! Because it’s not true.

With such an abundance of stone fruit, heirloom varietals of not only tomatoes but peppers and pluots – this time of year is kaleidoscope of colors to taste and explore. Did you know that okra could be purple? I didn’t! And the colors of that okra mixed with the pink hues of golden raspberries had me in a culinary tizzy.

Hearts in my eyes and grand plans for dinner…

But sadly not everyone has access to these types of fruits and vegetables. Which is why I’ve teamed up with Naked Juice once again in their #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign to raise awareness about the 30 million Americans who do not have access to affordable, quality fresh produce. By simply snapping a selfie with a piece of fruit or veg Naked Juice will donate 10 pounds of produce to Wholesome Wave, a non-profit working to make healthy food available to communities in need. Talk about an easy way to do something positive in this world – and gosh darn we need to be spreading positivity right now!

So in the name of seasonal love and the desire to help more people have a healthy meal on their plate – I’ve created a farmers market color study (a love story, as it were) in a series of “produce portraits” inspired by the late summer harvest. I hope that these inspire you to get in front of the camera and do the same. Can’t wait to see what you create!

Dine X Design | Produce Portraits

Dine X Design | Pink and Peach Produce Portraits

Dine X Design | blue produce portrait

Dine X Design | Teal Produce Portraits


Hey Los Angeles! Looking for more ways to give back? With “Give The Goodness Inside”, Naked Juice is donating fruit and veggies to the LA Regional Food bank for every bottle of Naked Juice purchased at Ralphs’ Grocery stores. So head out to your local store and stock up on some juice while helping provide fresh produce for your local community!

 This content has been sponsored by Naked Juice. Thank you for supporting our partnerships with quality brands like this that allow dine x design to continue producing the original content you love.


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