Original Series


Dine X Design | Brick And Order

BRICK & ORDER takes a behind the scenes look at restaurant development by learning about the creative process of both the design firm & the executive chef, discovering how they each bring a unique experience to life on location and on the plate.


Press Check | Dine X Design


PRESS CHECK”  takes a deeper look behind the scenes of the culinary-centric publishing industry by focusing on the creative process of  authors, illustrators & photographers and how they create magic for the page before it hits the printing press.


Dine With Me | Dine X Design  
DINE WITH ME” is an ongoing study and creative experiment on how to translate iconic figures, concepts and ideals into a thoughtfully designed table top.
You Got Served | Dine X Design
YOU GOT SERVED” is a unique interview series that features creative individuals (bloggers, photographers, designers and tastemakers) who are picked to exemplify their own unique style by sourcing and photographing a table setting using a provided box of mystery props.

Made By Mail | Dine X Design

MADE BY MAIL” is a culinary challenge where random (and unfortunately sometimes unruly) ingredients are sent out via post to friends and fellow bloggers with hopes of learning what the heck to do with them. The result comes in the form of inspired and unique recipes as well as a showcase of blossoming and extraordinary talents.
Studio Visit | Dine X Design
STUDIO VISIT”  in an interview series which highlights the makers who create one of a kind items for the kitchen and tabletop by going behind the scenes into their work spaces while learning what it takes to successfully run a small business in today’s creative industry.
Dine X Design believes in producing unique quality content that goes beyond the traditional culinary website. We take pride in creating meaningful and supportive relationships with each and every one of our contributors and featured talent who make these special series possible. If you are interested in participating in one of our original series please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you!