Naturally Green Recipes For HGTV

Grilled Artichoke Arugula Pesto Recipe | Kristin Guy HGTV | Dine X Design

Tis the season for shamrocks, minty shakes…and heck, even entire rivers are getting the emerald treatment. In a word, everything is going green.

But going green doesn’t mean you need to break out the food coloring and start dying everything in sight – because some things are better left untouched (read: your mashed potatoes) and it’s time we practiced some self-restraint.

This Saint Patrick’s Day I’ve created 10 naturally green recipes for HGTV that are a fresh unique spin on the usual evergreen treats – whether you’re in the mood for something savory, sweet or just wanting to cheers the fact that you made it to the gosh darn weekend  – here are 10 “green” recipes that are going to stick around this spring…long after the Chicago River returns back to it’s natural color.

PS: If there’s one thing on this list you must make – it’s the Arugula pesto, which I’ve been putting on everything from pizza to burrata – not to mention dipping those grilled artichokes in. DE-lish.

Get the recipe: Grilled Artichoke With Arugula Pesto 


Grilled Avocado Ceviche | Lamb Meat Pies | Kristin Guy HGTV | Dine X Design

These two mini meals have become staples around Casa DXD – where they might look tiny, they don’t lack in massive flavor.  Avocados stuffed with ceviche and curried lamb pies are basically the yin and yang of seasonal bliss so feel free to bounce back and forth between summer and winter as you see fit.

Get the recipes: Grilled Avocado With Ceviche & Mini Minted Pea Lamb Pies

Why not also try: Brussels Sprout Flat Bread 0r Tomatillo Breakfast Shakshuka


Green Tomato Bloody Mary Martini | Kristin Guy HGTV | Dine X Design

Move over creamy mint concoctions, it’s time to put the fresh back into refreshment! By using heirloom green tomatoes or tomatillos, you can easily add an earthy punch to a handful of cocktails. I’ve really gotten into this play on the bloody mary, with a vibrant green tomato martini with celery salt and olive juice. All that savory flavor is there without the gut bomb of the classic.

Got some extra green pressed juice in the fridge? Why not turn your healthy habit into something a little naughty with the Kale Gin Smash Cocktail – spicy kale juice was meant for gin…and it’s perfect for all your upcoming spring brunch activities.

Get the recipe: Green Bloody Mary Martini


Matcha Tea Cakes | Avocado Cheesecake | Kristin Guy HGTV | Dine X Design

What’s better than cake? Cute miniature cakes that you won’t feel bad devouring in just 4 bites!

Your sweet tooth is about to get sophisticated with bold flavors of matcha and black sesame – but if you’re looking for something a little more tart- the avocado cheesecake has your back with a zippy lime and pistachio crumble crust.

And remember they’re mini – so that means you should save room for both.

Get the recipes: Avocado Cheesecake With Pistachio Crust  & Mini Matcha Green Tea Cakes

Why not also try: Sweet Pistachio Crostini With Burrata


How do you naturally do green? I want to know all your pea, spinach, avocado madness below!


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