Minimalist Summer Florals For The Table

Canvas Home Summer Blooms | Dine X Design

Ooh la! Summer is in sight!

And this is the best time of year at the flower market…or grocery floral section, for that matter. Bright pink peonies and fragrant bunches of eucalyptus – sometimes it’s a little overwhelming to know what to pick out…but it doesn’t have to be!

Armed with gorgeous handmade vases from our friends at Canvas Home (which are an exquisite blank canvas for a stunning centerpiece) we’ve picked two perfect arrangement ideas to bring your table instantly to life and welcome summer home.

Minimalist Spring Botanical Inspiration | Dine X Design


Botanical bunches are some of my favorite arrangements to have around the house. So much shape and texture to play and layer upon each other – the trick here is to stick to 3-4 types of greenery and then only adding in one pop of color. Keeping the color palette mostly monochromatic will make your masterpiece look more chic and less chaotic.

But don’t think you need an exotic florist to grab up something this stunning, most grocery stores even have a “filler” section along side their blooms – so steer clear from pretty petals and look for the hearty stuff when making a botanical statement. Here are a few stems we like to play with:

Baby Eucalyptus, Wax Flowers, Thistles, Protea

Canvas Home | Minimalist Blooms | Dine X Design


Big bunches of colorful blooms are hard to resist, which is why it’s often easy to get a little heavy handed while pairing them into an arrangement. The key is to stick in a particular color family (whites, pinks, darks, lights) and then play with different types of blooms within those hues.

By keeping the colors similar, different shapes and sizes of blooms are less fussy… and definitely fashionable. Here are a few blooms we like to play with:

Peonies, Mathiola Incana (also known as Stock Stems ), Tuberose, Alstroemeria

Minimalist Spring Floral Inspiration | Dine X Design

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and hone in your inner florist!? Truth is, experimentation should be fun – if you’re not loving the way your centerpiece is shaping up…pull out one or two types of stems and build from what you love the best.

So get carefree, spend a few extra minutes in the flower section (hello Trader Joes!) and snag a set of Elba Vases (which look stunning in a collection of twos and threes) & why not grab a Kartena Short Runner while you’re at it. It’s a new staple of mine!



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