New Year, New Home…New Way To Clean Up


This autumn my husband and I finally bought our first home – where the process was long and stressful, we persevered and finally found the right house for us (and didn’t get outbid on by a billion dollars). Where there are still many many things on our check list of projects (kitchen to-dos including re-painting the kitchen cabinets and swapping out all the hardware) we’re also looking to slowly update all of our appliances to high quality work horses…because you best believe my kitchen takes a daily beating.

Having lived without a dishwasher for the past 10+ years (welcome to the lack of luxury of 1920-40s Los Angeles apartments) it really felt like a special house warming gift when Miele offered to send me a new one. Two words: Game Changer.

Admittedly the first couple of weeks I had to remind myself that I even had a dishwasher, mid skink washing routine – but the beauty of this machine is not only how clean it gets my mess, but also how it allows me more counter space while hosting and entertaining. I’m able to jam dirty prep dishes as I go and out of sight rather than having them pile up everywhere. Bliss!


I do the majority of my work in my own kitchen, and with multiple projects happening at once, the mess is fierce. So when looking for the perfect dishwasher that would work with my routine – there was no question that Miele had every little detail covered. I decided on the Futura Series Pre-Finished Gen6000 Dishwasher which is sleek and minimal in looks, but still comes with all the options and customizations.

Here are my top 4 highlights that my new best friend is providing me – and why it works as an entertainer and food stylist: 


Recessed Handle 

The designated space for the dishwasher is an awkward one in my kitchen – tucked tightly into a corner. A clean look with no protruding handle was really important for me because I need to utilize every square inch possible while moving around the kitchen. I also loved the clean line modern look of the Futura Dimension because as much as I love this appliance, I don’t need it stealing all the attention anytime someone walks into the kitchen.

Multiple Wash Modes

I know this is true for many households, but not all wash loads are created equal. I needed a machine that would tackle food that might have dried to an unruly consistency while attending to other projects but also be delicate enough to wash my glass barware. There’s even the option to make many of the programed modes express, which I appreciate having to conserve as much water as possible living in Southern California’s drought. 


Compact Size (But Tons of Dish Stacking Space)

As I mentioned before the kitchen isn’t massive – and where we’d love to do a full renovation in the future, at the present we have to work with what we’re given. This dishwasher appears very compact at first glance, but the interior is geniusly organized to fit every last dish and fork imaginable. 

Customizable & Adjustable Racks

Anywhere you see a yellow tab inside of the Miele dishwashers, it means there’s a function hiding there. All racks can be adjusted in height to accommodate different serving dish sizes. There are also moving compartments that allow you to slide certain parts of the upper rack open so larger dishes can pop up into the space above…there’s even a nifty little dropdown basket on the silverware tray that you can place larger deeper items such as ladles. So basically, there is no limit to what you can wash in this beauty.


No more using windex on glasses before a shoot! This machine gets everything camera ready…it even pops itself open at the end of the cycle to allow everything to perfectly dry without water spots!  A massive thank you to my friends at Miele who gave us the gift of clean to kick off the new year in our new home with fabulous function and style!

Here’s to making (and cleaning up) more messes in 2017. 

Disclosure: Appliance was given in trade for review, but all opinions and words on this magical dishwasher are my own – which is 100% positive!

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  • This is seriously what me and my wife dream about everyday! We live in a so-called “altbau” in Berlin (translated to “old buidling”) which are apartment buildings dating from WW2. A dishwasher like the one you got would literally upgrade our life! Happy 2017 🙂

    • I’ve lived without one forever – it is a game changer…even if I still do a lot of hand washing. Happy New Year to YOU!