Miele Culinary Adventure: New York

Miele Culinary Adventure | New York

Recently the fine folks at Miele asked me if I’d like to go on a whirl wind culinary adventure and play with some of their appliances… I basically asked how quickly do you need me to pack!?

Shortly after I was on my way to New York  to experience 48 hours of food-filled wonder in the form of gorgeous farmers markets, world-renowned chefs, one wacky tour guide and a brand new love affair with kitchen appliances. In a word, it was amazing…here’s a little diary of my latest travels.

Green Market NYC | Dine X Design

First stop was the Union Square Greenmarket. Holy Moly! I know we have it pretty good in Southern California – but I think I finally understand why East Coaster’s get crazy when it’s ramp season. Because OMG It’s RAMP season! This market had me green…with mounds of fresh snap peas, piles of fiddle heads and yes…the elusive and excitable ramp. Can someone hook me up with a cross country farmers market exchange?!

With a check list in hand, our group buzzed around vendors searching for ingredients we would cook with the following day. New York decided to be incredibly kind with possibly the best weather I’ve ever experienced – summertime in the city could have not been more beautiful.

50 Best Restaurants Awards 2016 | Dine X Design

After our market haul it was time to get gussied up for a walk on the red carpet as we were heading to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards! If you’re like me and obsessively watch episodes of Chef’s Table and Mind of a Chef on Netflix, then you too would be flipping out when seeing all these culinary champs in person. But I resisted the urge to tackle Magnus Nilsson and exclaim how beautifully thoughtful The Nordic Cookbook is, or squeeze Dominique Crenn while screaming how inspiring her plating is, or to hug Eric Ripert…well just because. The event was like being on a Michelin Star safari and all the big players were there to swoon over.

Miele also had a swoon-worthy interactive booth with origami recipe cards – you can take a peep of that up close and personal  with a quick snapchat I grabbed between bites. Speaking of bites April Bloomfield really brought in some incredible small plates packed with unique surprises…including a muffaletta inspired mini hot dog that I’m currently in R&D on to share with you soon!

Chelsea Market Tour | Dine X Design

Bellies still full from the night before – it was time to hit the streets to walk it off and make more room to eat with our hysterical tour guide Curt Upton where we literally were overwhelmed with tastings throughout The Chelsea Market. Even if you’ve been to the market a hundred times before, I highly recommend this tour. It gave me fresh appreciation of the inner workings and helped me forget about tripping over all the tourists for a minute…oh wait, I guess I was one of those too. Oops!

Here are a few of my favorite market moments from snapchat as well as a look into the final leg of our adventure…cooking at the extraordinary Miele Experience Center & show room with Miele’s very own Chef Mary.

I suppose if there’s any way to end on a good foot, it’s to get all googly eye on some appliances while cooking up dinner with the produce we pulled from the Greenmarket. Ranges, ovens…and one fancy color coded refrigerator aside… You best believe I had my eyes locked on a dynamic knock to open dishwasher! No handle, no problem –  Just knock knock on the face and it pops open on its own (Check out this little snap I grabbed of it in action)! Seriously, the idea of no longer being a full time hand dish washer has me giddy…this precious piece of equipment might be making a debut in my life sooner than later…stay tuned.

Miele Experience Kitchen NYC | Dine X Design

Making dinner with all these state of the art appliances (and amazing gals) really drove home the reputation of quality associated with the Miele brand. Touch panel technology, steam convection, compartmentalized cooling…it was a dream for a cook like myself! 

Miele promised a culinary adventure and boy did they deliver. I cannot express what an amazing time we had…and how much kale I’ve been eating to make up for it. 

This adventure was sponsored by miele, Thank you for supporting our partnerships with quality brands that allow dine x design to continue producing original content you love.

Group photos courtesy of MieleCourtney Price – A huge thank you to the entire Miele team for providing us with such an enjoyable and memorable experience!

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