Tea Party With Matcha Deviled Eggs


There’s something about this time of year that makes us all want to immediately jump into the spirit of the season – cooler nights, cozier get-togethers, holiday preparations… trying to wear that new sweater regardless of it still being 80 degrees outside! It’s true, not all parts of the country are quite feeling like winter just yet, but the enthusiasm is real and we’re going to celebrate by throwing a tea party!

Tea parties are one of the ultimate ways to express your personal style as a host. You can go all-out fancy with the heirloom china sets and little finger foods or create an unexpected experience by focusing on moody textures. We chose the latter, using matcha green tea as the star (and inspiration!) for our table’s color story. And yes, you better believe we’re not only drinking matcha — we’re eating it too — with green tea infused deviled eggs filled with a matcha-spiked pesto.

Jump over to KitchenAid for the full Matcha Deviled Eggs Recipe!


Matcha has a wonderful earthy flavor with a smooth, slightly sweet finish, which feels like the perfect pairing for this time of year. With this particular recipe, you need to prep the day before, leaving us with more time to start plotting the table decor. Our unique tea party deserves bold accents and an element of whimsy to match the flavors, which is easy to achieve in just a few steps.



1. Make it a high tea… Literally.

Don’t feel pressured to make an army of snacks. Bring out a three-tiered stand and showcase your small bites with pride as a statement piece. Your botanicals will be the perfect way to help support the scene by turning this stand into a focal arrangement.

2. Forget the blooms and head straight for the filler.

While florals are a very colorful way to express a statement, why not look into some earthy and unique textural elements that come along with the green arrangement accents? They are less pricey than most blooms and the perfect way to express the matcha color story on your tabletop.


3. Don’t worry about being so matchy-matchy.

Have a collection of small teaspoons and vintage china that isn’t a full set? Perfect! As long as you keep finishes similar, the mix and match of patterns adds to the whimsy of the scene. I particularly like to use flatware with different handles but all in the same color palette as a fun, unexpected detail.

4. Relax and let the layering happen.

Don’t pull out the good napkins or porcelain trays. This tea party is a rebel, so we’re accenting it with black linens found in the fabric store’s bargain bin and vintage brass pieces that help the china look less precious. By layering natural elements such as leather coasters underneath china cups, you can instantly create a warmer autumnal scene that is equal parts eclectic and elegant.


Okay….now who’s coming over?! No white gloves or pearls required, promise.




China and brass spoon rentals courtesy of Dish Wish

Original post and full recipe can be found on KitchenAid

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