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Makr Holiday Cards | Dine X Design

You know what makes me feel warm ‘n fuzzy? Snail Mail.

In this day and age of typo/emoji riddled email chains, receiving physical mail makes a massively sincere statement. Someone going out of their way, spending precious (offline!!) time to write a note, lick a stamp and tell you something sweet… What a thrill! In fact, I think it is one of the ultimate feel good gestures these days and we should all be doing more of it! 

 …and the holidays seem to be the perfect time to start up that tradition again.


Makr | Dine X Design Holiday Pack

When it comes to greetings cards…there are a lot of hokey sentiments out there that don’t quite hit the mark on style. But I really appreciate the thoughtful design and creative options that  Makr  has to offer. Not to mention it might be the most fool-proof interface…because who needs more stress right now than the mall parking lot?! 

I decided on the Warm Wishes Makr Holiday Pack due to it’s nostalgic Christmas ski sweater vibe and the chance to roll in some food-related humor (as I do).  I also took the opportunity to style and shoot a new image that would be seasonally appropriate – having the option to upload your own photos rather than pulling directly from your insta-feed was liberating. Let’s face it – not all of our feeds have the right kind of images that scream happy holidays, no matter how much you think a grid of alllll those tacos you ate this year seems appropriate.

Makr Holiday | Dine X Design | BTS

Bam! Personalized holiday cards (and gift tags!) done with an easy upload. Now sit back and start putting together a list of people you love because festive cuteness is a quick delivery away.


But wait! There’s more…Want to send along something extra special with your holiday cards? How about a slick looking calendar? Try uploading a collection of recipe photos to inspire friends in the kitchen, or create personalized monthly memories for those extra special homies. I’m a typography snob, and the minimalist layout makes any photo look perfect. Fool proof, easy-peasy gifting… and don’t forget to make one for yourself.


Makr Calendar | Dine X Design | BTS

I’m feeling pretty holly jolly and ready to start sending out my care packages! Don’t you think this is the year we all send a few surprises to shake up the daily doldrums of junk mail? 


Sending you all WARM WISHES this holiday  – May your toddy be hot & your oven preheated to 375. 


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  • Ha! I somehow missed this post back in Dec- you must have thought I was such a copycat telling you all about how I was going to do a calendar with my photos. 😉